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> [@silbasa](/forums/generals/topics/star-wars-general?post_id=5157101#post_5157101)
> I started playing it with the restoration mod a few months back, and I found it dull and annoying.
Then maybe now you can understand how I feel towards TLJ.

> [@Darth Prime](/forums/generals/topics/star-wars-general?post_id=5157102#post_5157102)
> So like most common people in a society. The common folk tend to not care too often about what happens outside their lives or the details that don't matter overall. And you forget "The Force itself is evil because it causes these wars and we are the Anti-Force because we were cut-off from it until now."
Now I didn’t forget that’s what the "light side vs dark side" in my last post was referring to.
But I feel like that’s something left up to the player to decide if they agree with that.
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