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Yes. It's flavoring. Mofo pulled a powerful Hiken like nothing not five minutes after eating Mera Mera but then went like "hm. Im still not used to it" like COME ON! It makes no sense, but like I said--I accept it, because it was fire. all puns intended.

Ofc there is a lot more thought put into MHA and OP compared to Disney Trilogy. The Disney Trilogy is the weaker ones imo, and I had to do more mental olympics and ignore more things in order to suspend my disbelief.

Luffy and Deku gone thru more shit than Rey. Nobody can deny that. But that to me is independent of their power level growth and I simply cannot say that just because one person has suffered more hardship and emotional struggle, their exponential jump in power level is justified.

To assume that only after an emotional stress and hardship and sacrifice methanst you are entitled to inexplicable superpowers is...like, a miraculous wish fulfillment. It's heartwarming, uplifting, motivating, cathartic, inspiring. Like Deku and Luffy. But it's still more miracle and plot than sense.
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