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I notice the Patrick Star Show actually has a sort of a respected following now.
In fact it seems more liked by animation fans than Spongebob tv show itself these days.
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@Penguin Dragneel
i haven’t gotten to the end of s5 yet but from what i saw, no there is no “universal reset”
The s5 finale ends with the main villain dying via sacrificing himself in order to bring his dead wife back to life while also revealing his true identity to Ladybug who he also tells to not tell his son about who he really was (since his son was Cat Noir, who was also a hero). Season 6 is going to have another character (Lila) taking over as the new main villain
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Spoilers from halfway through S5, and then the finale itself.
An earlier episode explained that’s how Gimmi’s wish powers works. Plagg’s half of the fusion works by destroying the current universe while Tikki’s half recreates it to accommodate the wish.
Well Gabriel made his wish so…
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Sata Andagi!
Just recently watched Chaos Theory, and boy let me tell you a lot has changed since the last season of Camp Cretaceous. For one thing seeing Nublar six all grown up is definitely surreal, especially Ben who’s outgrown everyone else. Of course the main thing to say about this new show is just how much heavier it is now, Brooklyn is stated to be dead and was killed by an allosaurus (turns out she is alife, but lost her arm) before that Kenji broke up with her because he felt like she didn’t respect his feelings, Darius is suffering from PTSD because he wasn’t there when the Allosaurus attacked her and Kenji blames him for her death, Sammy and Yas technically are still together but have been going through relationship problems, Sammy still lives in Texas while Yas moved to a special resort that is dinosaur free (btw I don’t know how long the events of this show take place from Camp Cretaceous and Dominion) and of course the main plot of this season is the kids being targeted by a group that wants to silence them.
There’s plenty more character deaths, including Kenji’s father in a brutal manner, Bumpy is still in the show and at first you think she is dying only to find out she’s having a baby, and one of the main villains of the show is a raptor trainer with a thousand-yard stare on her face commanding a group of Atrociraptors (I thought that maybe it was Soyona Santos from Dominion)
Anyways this new show is pretty good, but man is it a lot more dark, I’m curious to see where it goes from here.
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