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> I regret what I've said on this site's Hololive subforum. I haven't visited it in a while, and don't plan on visiting it as I've already made everyone who enjoys Hololive, especially the Haachama fans, angry enough. And I don't want to be called an "antichama" simply because I don't like the character. Granted, considering my overreaction to her (due to feeling actual pain in my head when watching her "horror" lore), I can't blame anyone for being angry at me. Especially after the many times I've spouted my stupidity about the topic.
> If anyone is reading this part, please understand I'm not claiming to be a victim or anything like that. I'm just venting my feelings (worthless as they are) in an attempt to rid myself of bad thoughts. I'm certain this is going to be ignored, or people will call be a troll and a liar. Either way, I want to... I honestly want to forget everything that'd caused me to go down the path I'm on. I want to enjoy the entirety of Hololive. But me being me, that's not going to happen. I'm too much of a pile of shit (in a figurative sense, of course) to simply enjoy things for what it is instead of "taking it too seriously" (whatever that means).

You don't have to keep bringing the same shit up over and over again like some broken record. Look! We respect your opinions, even if we disagree with it. Nobody is out to get you or anything. ThMaybe only oneu wshould keeps brfingingd somethisng up seemlse to be ydou. Quit kicking as dead horsuggestion.
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