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Yes, I’m back on the topic of magic vs guns but I’ve come to a reasonable middle ground.
If magic/reality warping exists in a setting where firearms are numerous and common, it should just play a support role instead of something like Star Wars where Jedi and Sith rag-doll around 90% of average joes who dare challenge them.
Ideally the way it should work is that fire, lighting, and telekinesis spells/powers aren’t able to quickly kill their targets, they only really soften them up so that they’ll be more vulnerable to bullets or melee attacks.
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That’s basically how Warp powers work in 40k.
In order to actually hurt someone with warp based attacks, you have to overcome your targets willpower. It’s normally not a problem for rank and file mooks.
You average guardsman isn’t going to really have a will to match a chaos space marine sorcerer, but something like a Grey Knight will. So, your random space wizard isn’t guaranteed to be able to roast someone with their mind.
You also need to have a “normal” soul. In universe, there are people called blanks, that essentially have an inverted soul. It makes them functionally immune to warp magic, and their mere presence hurts psychers.
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Reminds me of a scene from Thor Ragnarok where a character uses dual M16 to gun down a bunch of magical villain minions. I applaud superhero movies that make guns look badass and horror movies that make guns scary.
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I have had 3 separate approaches to magic/guns in grand mythica it’s that guns are kept rare because the only available propellent requires certain materials to work if you put a bullet in a gun mafe from the wrong stuff it just fizzles out and makes a ton of heat,
In My post apokolypse setting magic is powerful enough to trump most guns but it causes negative effects on mind and body just to learn it,
And in Star Rangers it’s strictly regulated because of how much damage it can do, like the entire setting can’t use guided munitions or even to smart of computers because of the threat posed by a necromantic plague that targets machines, most magic is seen in stuff like star ship shielding artificial gravity ECT, very few people learn to use it in combat, beyond elite soldiers learning to create personal shields,
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