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Meet Mochi! Daughter to Lyra Heartstrings and Sweetie "BonBon" Drops. My weeb horse.
Yes, she is a weeb and pretends she's Neighponese. Like her mother, she's a candy-maker and uses her interest in Neighponese culture towards it. Her names was picked by Lyra, who's also a bit of a weeb, but not near as much as her daughter is now.
She's also a bit… yandere. She looks cute and sweet as sugar, but she's actually extremely violent and gets angry really easy.
As a foal she didn't understand her mother's interest in these weird comic books, but she was still a tough cookie. She wanted to get married to pretty much every other foal her age and beat up every other foal her age.

Fun facts:
Mochi changes her hairstyle frequently, mostly in really cute pigtails and ponytails.
Mochi gets a lot of her anger out with making mochi for her mother's candy shop.
Mochi eventually starts dating Cool Current, Rainbow Dash's and Spitfire's daughter.
Mochi still gets up every Saturday morning to watch anime with Lyra.
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