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Fallen Oak charity art pack - Nuclear Neighs and Deco Days

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Created using Dall-e 3, available for free on Bing’s image generator here
Prompt (approx.):
My Little Pony, Twilight Sparkle gazing in wonder at the largest library she's ever seen, sparkly eyes, excited open smile, purple unicorn, deep blue hair with magenta streak, purple eyes, professional impressionist digital art style

safe2198859 ai content22011 ai generated20676 generator:bing image creator687 generator:dall-e 3755 prompter:hazy skies24 twilight sparkle361263 alicorn319699 pony1629345 g42055084 book44279 detailed background2657 happy45314 indoors8821 library4263 medium detailed16 open mouth242916 open smile33447 smiling406263 solo1446410 sparkly eyes1365 twilight sparkle (alicorn)150836 wingding eyes41728


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Background Pony #6057
@Hazy Skies
Yeah, it might have interpreted “sparkly eyes” as “the image should have eyes and sparkles in it”, so it added sparkles everywhere.