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safe2174706 artist:cocaine0 princess celestia112708 alicorn314216 pony1602832 cake12881 cakelestia1332 clickbait119 computer8187 crown29923 eye clipping through hair14708 eyebrows24648 eyebrows visible through hair11783 female1803069 food101316 gasp1353 high res407862 hoof shoes9762 internet311 jewelry113112 mare741265 monitor1108 open mouth237626 peytral7495 regalia36437 scam90 solo1426334 spread wings94544 stare1856 that pony sure does love cakes95 this will end in a computer virus0 this will end in tears and/or a journey to the moon295 this will not end well2456 wingboner9653 wings223093