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NOTE: I did not make this vector. All credit goes to the original artist.
NOTE: Out of all the entries in this series, this one is my personal favorite, for obvious reasons. ;)

These are the new outfits for the Rainbooms. It's something I had planned to do since the end of Holidays Unwrapped.

Vectors are free. Remember to give me credit for the vector.
safe1590167 artist:lhenao238 artist:selenaede1454 artist:sugar-loop315 rarity171090 human144250 equestria girls182273 alternate outfits54 barrette377 base used16375 beautiful4796 blouse502 bracelet8046 clothes414750 cute181083 cutie mark41628 cutie mark on clothes998 diamond635 eyeshadow13331 female934246 geode of shielding1661 hand on hip4704 high heels9512 jewelry52213 legs7050 looking at you146546 magical geodes6729 makeup18093 open mouth125117 shoes30969 simple background350191 skirt35907 smiling218720 solo982776 transparent background181409 vector71659


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