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Shimmy Shake just received her new cheerleading outfit and decides to try it on for the first time!
This was a break from my 3D modelling binge, which I have been working on for almost a year. It’s nice to be back drawing ponies for a bit.
safe1754953 artist:duskie-06161 shimmy shake586 bird8828 earth pony267737 pony1014738 seagull211 2 4 6 greaaat1389 absurd resolution67058 bedroom eyes61550 butt66404 cheerleader2851 cheerleader outfit1061 clothes477295 crossed legs3345 eyeshadow16663 female1405546 frog (hoof)13953 grass10186 lidded eyes31905 makeup22939 mare503993 ocean7294 plot82244 pom pom1227 raised leg8106 skirt41195 solo1097186 tanktop8099 technically an upskirt shot98 underhoof53919 upskirt6052 water14298


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