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Originally posted on: June 25, 2015
Someone on tumblr the other day made Puffy a bit nostalgic about good old Dijit, the first obsession of Puffy on tumblr even before her full design was properly decided.

Good old Dijit, the littlest scientist and soda maker. Had a very popular soda brand with a super secret recipe. But trusting no one with the recipe he was forced to make all the soda on his own. Poor little Dijit was lost to the oblivion after his creator left the fandom and later I just completely lost track of her. So I got no one to credit properly for him…

This was purely done by memory, so I probably got parts of his design wrong. Been years since I last drew him properly, and the account he came from has been deactivated ages ago.
But fun to try and draw him again anyway.


Dijit © ArenTheIrken and whoever it was who ran that account…
Puffy © Me
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