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Another commission, this time of some SPICY RARITWI, rockstar edition! This one I decided to post separately because it’s the cover of a fanfic by chibirenamon called Rock the Carousel. It’s pretty fuckin’ great, so if you can give it a read! :3 You can do so here:…

And thank you again for commissioning me Chibs! uwu
safe1556215 artist:earthsong9405591 rarity168012 twilight sparkle279917 anthro226145 pony827395 unicorn257925 fanfic:rock the carousel2 bass guitar500 cape8802 cloak3761 clothes401433 crown13518 cutie mark39600 duo47975 ear piercing20903 earring17387 fangs21592 female880479 guitar4300 heart42479 horn ring4966 jewelry49152 leonine tail7089 lesbian91321 long nails390 mare404650 measuring tape1004 musical instrument6790 one eye closed24515 piercing33904 rarilight1786 regalia15744 rock3854 shipping181595 simple background338118 size difference12301 white background84911


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