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I entered an unrefined version of this image into day 15 of Equestria Daily’s Newbie Artist Training Grounds IX. I’ll upload all of my actual entries after the event is over.
safe (1428949)artist:arkadios (24)applejack (147801)cozy glow (4223)fluttershy (184118)lord tirek (3983)pinkie pie (189020)princess celestia (83629)rainbow dash (203900)rarity (157610)twilight sparkle (260417)alicorn (163468)centaur (1896)earth pony (148138)pegasus (187947)pony (697740)unicorn (203179)black and white (9666)bubble shield (2)canterlot (3968)golden oaks library (3984)grayscale (31236)monochrome (134454)movie poster (674)pencil drawing (6504)pie family home (54)pone wars (1)ponified (34259)r2-d2 (49)rock farm (446)science fiction (547)star wars (2661)traditional art (96351)


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