Happy Birthday, MLP:FiM! MLP:FiM turns 9 years old this year! Let's celebrate with an art event!
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And as promised, here is a Luna version! -screeching tired artist noises-

Oh gawd I got kinda worried with this one that it wasn’t going to turn out as good. But I’m actually super happy with how it HAS turned out, so yay!
Hope you guys like it too!

I had so much fun with the shiny dots everywhere, huehue. also curse photoshop’s dark background fooling me into thinking this picture isn’t as dark as it seems

Here’s the Celestia version:

Alternate source
safe (1426692)artist:dvixie (601)princess luna (87895)alicorn (162970)pony (694528)beautiful (3681)canterlot (3956)cute (148090)female (758181)lunabetes (2545)mare (334167)moon (18625)mountain (3721)night (19384)smiling (182771)solo (874540)source in the description (16)spread wings (40889)swanluna (13)swimming (1481)water (9836)wet (6182)wet mane (4508)wings (52745)


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Background Pony #96F4
If the artist does a Twilight and Cadence picture, I think it would be cool if Twilight was bathing/swimming during, well, twilight obviously. Cadence I think fits dawn or the early morning because of her mane colors; purple, yellow, and pink.
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@Background Pony #4FCB

Considering this one of Luna – and by cardiac condition being as fragile as it is already, if dennybutt does the same featuring Cadence, then that’ll be it for my heart.


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