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Sobakasu showing off his (and my) sexuality, embarrassed and nervous as he does so.
I guess that’s a good description?

I don’t really do the whole Pride Month thing… but a few of my Discord friends told me they definitely wanted me to draw this when I suggested the idea. I felt like it. I don’t know.
safe (1409712)artist:modocrisma (19)oc (516388)oc:sobakasu (6)bisexual (2650)bisexuality (130)bisexual pride flag (150)blushing (151193)chest fluff (25081)earth pony (142600)embarrassed (8602)fluffy (11336)freckles (19897)hairclip (668)long hair (2705)looking away (2794)male (251852)pony (675137)ponysona (2268)pride (776)pride flag (361)pride month (209)sweat (19508)teenager (3069)waving (2048)

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