Missing "Resotii/AguFanatic98" artist tag on the DNP list (Just WHY?)


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It's been quite a few years for now, but someone here has brought two pic by Resotii for unknown reasons, and I'm telling everyone here for the last time, that artist is DNP, look what this BP have done today:

Turns out that the ""Artist:Resotii tag was NOT on the Do-Not-Post List, kinda why the short description says "Artist is DNP". I've successfully reported both images above for a takedown, can we add ""Artist:Resotii tag to the Do-Not-Post List right now? So we can no longer seeing this happening over and over again? I'm started to get tired on this.
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This isn't the forum to request things from staff.

As well, if the DNP notice is in the short description, that means it's over 5 years old and was beyond the cutoff point for the "new" list's automatic transfer of entries.
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