You really don't understand what tyranny is, do you?

I disagree that they own the art they drew if what they drew is fanart of someone else's IP. I feel all fanart of MLP should be here on this site, regardless of artists' wishes. I do not respect their "right" to hinder that, nor their questionably legal desires to erect paywalls. Derpibooru strives to accurately credit them, and provides them with free hosting and exposure. If they don't want to be on Derpibooru, they should focus on drawing original content that wouldn't belong here, instead of riding the fandom's popularity. If they post MLP fanart online anywhere, it goes everywhere online. The entire concept of "DNP" is anathema. But, as you said, this site seeks to cater to these people, rather than cater to my opinion. I am disappointed by this. This is me expressing an opinion. Not stating objective facts. As for moderation/appeals/ease of contact. I've never heard of either of you before. Maybe log out of your account, visit the website, and take a nice look as to how it looks from a guest's view. Sent an email to the address listed there under contact years ago. No response. Issue was years ago, and I've certainly gotten over it. Mostly. It just happens to be vaguely on-topic now. Just simply learned the site is not friendly to people, and to ignore the community aspects entirely. Moderation is arbitrary, appeals non-existent despite claims otherwise, and it is better to just not bother. I know I'm not the only one who thinks this site is unfriendly to participate in. Instead, we treat it as Photobucket for ponies. Want to look for pony art? Go here as the filter/interface is handy. Want to show someone pony art? Use a link from here. Want to embed pony art into a forum discussion or a blog or something? Derpibooru=photobucket for your hosting needs. Want to actually give a shit about the artist, voting, commenting, or the community here? Fuck no. That this site even has "private messaging" is news to me. What for? Why would anyone want to talk to anyone else on this site? Probably will set them off and get some kind of moderation effort sent at you. I learned today you apparently have forums. Another place to risk committing the crime of disagreeing with someone else on something that is deemed sacred and unarguable? "Also, deleting comments that say "this image is shit" is not tyrannical comment moderation." Yes it is. The above is an example of feedback to the artist. It is more informative than a downvote. It is more informative than being ignored entirely. That is exactly the kind of comment you would need to allow if you enact one of the survey options of requiring people to leave a comment if they want to downvote something. The fact that it is a) not an upvote-comment, and b) not very informative are the sole reasons you are using it as an example of something you would moderate. "I like this" is similarly unhelpful, but I don't see you itching to delete comments like that, now are you? Again, not everyone is articulate or willing to devote several minutes to typing out well-thought out criticism of someone's MS paint shitpic. Calling it shit is accurate, but clearly will not be tolerated here. We don't need to bother subjecting ourselves to this tyranny. Instead, we just don't bother making an account, or participating outside of the ways described above. You get less feedback. Period. You get less participation in your site and your efforts to get feedback to the artist. Period. You want to fix things? Stop agreeing with idiots who call negative feedback "harmful." Stop enabling this mindset. Reinforce to anyone and everyone that both positive and negative opinions are valid, and both have equal right to be expressed. Instead of moderating someone who says, "this pic is shit" moderate the people who argue with them for daring to express their opinion. Moderate the people who make multiple accounts, or engage in harassing/stalking behavior. Don't try to moderate opinion itself though. Want another idea to fix a problem? Link "hide" to a tag to downvote. Let a user have a free, blanket downvote to any tag they hide. Any pic that has that tag, automatically gets a number of downvotes. Same for followed tags granting upvotes. The voting system is a popularity metric, not a criticism/feedback metric. Embrace that. Let people upvote/downvote for content they dislike. As others pointed out, unpopular content (like gore/blood/Flash Sentry) is unpopular and the votes should reflect that. Let comments be for feedback on quality, because you can't really put a useful number to that. But, like my opinions on the DNP list, lemme guess. Never gonna happen right? You really don't understand what tyranny is, do you?