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wing hands1817 wing fluff1431 prosthetic wing702 mechanical wing554 artist:fleet-wing341 wing hold332 wing claws312 oc:fleet wing284 wing ears279 one wing out256 wing piercing227 wing sleeves212 wing blanket206 missing wing181 broken wing155 wing spreading155 oc:amber wing144 wing bite108 oc:nimble wing100 injured wing97 wing bling87 wing jewelry80 wing umbrella80 bandaged wing66 wing armor66 wing covering63 wing-ups62 hiding behind wing60 oc:brave wing53 artist:moon-wing52 wing flap51 x-wing49 oc:platinum wing47 gundam wing46 metal wing43 wing gesture43 wing arms40 oc:cute wing39 zero wing37 wing pull35 severed wing34 oc:steel wing31 oc:zephyr wing31 oc:swift wing30 summer wing ponies30 oc:silver wing29 oc:aurora wing28 windy wing ponies27 wing noms27 wing amputee26 oc:albi light wing25 oc:night wing25 wing freckles25 wing ring25 wing twitch24 wing shelter23 wing slap23 wing tattoo23 oc:red wing22 closed wing21 oc:loyal wing21 wing cuffs21 oc:ash wing20 oc:rust wing20 robotic wing20 wing censor20 oc:prism wing19 oc:ping wing18 wing removal17 angel wing16 cybernetic wing16 oc:silvia rhea wing16 oc:tender wing16 wing envy16 wing massage16 wing masturbation15 high wing14 morning wing14 artist:rain wing13 full body wing and hoof cast drinking through a straw13 wing dab13 oc:techno wing12 sitting on wing12 wing brace12 wing extensions12 wing wishes12 wing buzz11 wing markings11 oc:gloom wing10 oc:silver wing (batpony)10 oc:snow wing10 oc:wind wing10 wing flutter10 wing warmers10 wing wave10 a-wing9 giant wing9 oc:liberty wing9 detailed wing8 incorrect wing anatomy8 oc:arc wing8 oc:iron wing8 one wing8 solo wing pixy8 two color wing8 wing open8 wing shove8 wing swap8 damaged wing7 deformed wing7 oc:cotton wing7 torn wing7 wing vore7 no wing6 oc:brightsky wing6 oc:crimson wing6 oc:frost wing6 oc:scorched wing6 oc:sight wing6 oc:thunder wing6 parent:oc:cotton wing6 wing blush6 wing song6 wing zero custom6 armpit wing5 cum on wing5 oc:art wing5 oc:circle wing5 oc:phoenix wing5 oc:shadow wing5 parent:oc:brave wing5 silent wing5 wing gloves5 wing growth5 wing salute5 wing shrug5 wing socks5 wing zero5 oc:black wing4 oc:gold wing4 oc:hyper wing4 oc:madeleine wing4 oc:shield wing4 oc:snow-wing4 oc:sunrise wing4 p-wing4 raised wing4 small wing4 wing berets (wonderbolts)4 wing cap4 wing shake4 wing shroud4 wing types4 y-wing4 adeptus astartes storm wing3 artist:shadow-wing-lover3 b-wing3 cats (zero wing)3 horn wing3 mecha wing3 oc:dusty wing3 oc:ember wing3 oc:gale wing3 oc:ice wing3 oc:kaili lia wing3 oc:lightning wing3 oc:nite-wing3 oc:star wing3 oc:stern wing3 oc:swept wing3 oc:white wing3 on a wing and a song3 prostetic wing3 right wing death squads3 spitfire in a full body wing and hoof cast drinking through a straw3 wing boop3 wing boot3 wing bows3 wing chun3 wing cocoon3 wing commander3 wing cramp3 wing cuddle3 wing fetish3 wing flare3 wing guards3 wing hooves3 wing horns3 wing motorboating3 wing over one eye3 wing paroxysm3 wing pony3 wing stubs3 wing theft3 x-wing pilot3 zephyr wing3 angela white wing2 artist:helo-wing2 artist:icy-wing2 biting wing2 cosmo wing2 fleet wing2 folded wing2 misplaced wing2 oc:air wing2 oc:alex wing2 oc:blizzard wing2 oc:blood wing2 oc:blue wing2 oc:bright wing2 oc:caramel wing2 oc:cloudy wing2 oc:dark wing2 oc:despair the wing breaker2 oc:emerald wing2 oc:fire wing2 oc:flare wing2 oc:golden wing2 oc:hazed wing2 oc:icy wing2 oc:onyx wing2 oc:pixie wing2 oc:prime wing2 oc:psycho wing2 oc:razor wing2 oc:satin wing2 oc:silwer wing2 oc:storm wing2 oc:west wing2 parent:oc:shadow wing2 skeletal wing2 spike's wing cutie mark2 standing on wing2 top wing2 twilight wing2 whip and wing2 wild wing2 wing brush2 wing exercise2 wing grab2 wing gundam fenice2 wing hat2 wing holes2 wing mittens2 wing out2 wing sauce2 wing spell2 wing stroke2 wing tags2 wing torn off2
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alias_ofLiteralMatches the name of the target tag, if this tag is aliased.alias_of:twilight sparkle
aliasedBooleanMatches when this tag is aliased.aliased:true
aliasesLiteralMatches the name of any of this tag's aliases.aliases:ts
analyzed_nameFull TextMatches the name of this tag. This is the default field.analyzed_name:wing
categoryLiteralMatches the category this tag belongs to.category:origin
descriptionFull TextMatches the text of the full description for this tag.description:species
idNumeric RangeMatches the numeric surrogate key for this tag.id:40482
imagesNumeric RangeMatches tags with the specified image count.images.lte:1000
implied_byLiteralMatches this tag if it is implied by the given tag.implied_by:transparent background
impliesLiteralMatches this tag if it implies the given tag.implies:shipping
nameLiteralMatches the exact name of this tag.name:safe
name_in_namespaceLiteralMatches the name of this tag with any namespace component removed.name_in_namespace:johnjoseco
namespaceLiteralMatches tags with the given namespace.namespace:artist
short_descriptionFull TextMatches the text of the short description for this tag.short_description:gender
slugLiteralMatches the slug of this tag.slug:-fwslash-mlp-fwslash-