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blanket4717 limestone pie4716 partial color4711 bandana4703 older spike4702 horns4701 mirror4692 beautiful4683 sneakers4678 roseluck4660 undressing4658 forgotten friendship4649 oral creampie4644 belt4634 sandbar4634 raribetes4624 folded wings4621 couple4617 tattoo4598 fishnets4592 hand on hip4586 youtube link4584 deer4581 soarindash4575 nipple piercing4574 claws4573 light skin4569 video game4567 space4560 busty sunset shimmer4555 wardrobe malfunction4554 skirt lift4551 sunset4548 alicornified4545 ice cream4538 long gloves4533 see-through4515 anime4500 microphone4500 ocellus4496 black background4489 delicious flat chest4489 golden oaks library4485 twibutt4478 drunk4476 classical hippogriff4463 rabbit4460 eye scar4455 yona4452 underwater4450 mountain4447 fusion4445 unicorn oc4445 moondancer4441 eyelashes4441 dripping4436 bubble4435 the cmc's cutie marks4431 chains4423 cheek fluff4423 gameloft4418 lined paper4413 moaning4399 talking4399 heterochromia4398 artist:johnjoseco4397 implied shipping4382 guitar4369 human coloration4365 love4361 drink4354 paws4354 nightmare night4350 flutterdash4329 teenager4325 giant pony4318 torn clothes4314 gala dress4264 furry4262 dinky hooves4258 op is a duck4246 ocbetes4243 trap4240 amputee4236 box4227 crystal pony4222 crossed arms4217 lightning dust4205 dark4204 flutterbutt4189 snowfall4186 tickling4186 multicolored hair4177 screencap comic4174 vibrator4164 hoof shoes4158 out of context4154 candle4152 the last problem4152 leotard4150 eye clipping through hair4147 confused4145 frilly underwear4139 spanish4137 drawing4135 trixie's hat4128 equestria girls ponified4122 artist:marsminer4119 maledom4110 walking4109 slit eyes4098 double penetration4082 medial ring4078 fingering4076 blue background4074 craft4074 question mark4073 springdrops4070 gore4061 parent:fluttershy4052 the dazzlings4044 glass4039 poofy diaper4029 the cutie map4029 licking cock4028 futa fluttershy4023 family4021 bimbo4012 blindfold4006 snips4000 herm3995 thorax3995 pleated skirt3987 breast milk3986 crotch bulge3985 bouncing3982 comparison3980 shimmerbetes3980 rainbow3977 winter3974 disguise3973 springshadowdrops3966 pigtails3963 duality3962 recolor3952 fingerless gloves3941 rock3940 dark skin3928 missing cutie mark3922 tentacles on female3918 blue eyes3906 :33903 licking lips3898 apron3896 royal sisters3893 corset3890 classical unicorn3889 merchandise3887 one-piece swimsuit3865 internal3862 bbw3860 evil grin3860 boobjob3844 prince blueblood3844 yak3844 twilight velvet3838 creepy3834 handjob3825 thunderlane3825 cloak3819 dead3815 rumble3812 sparkles3810 smoking3804 glow3796 impossibly large crotchboobs3793 reference3792 button mash3791 oc:littlepip3773 sandals3770 pink underwear3769 tack3760 russian3759 cup cake3751 bell3749 futa on futa3748 nuzzling3747 top hat3745 :t3743 anatomically incorrect3743 city3734 covering3730 milk3730 mug3711 pointing3707 cloudchaser3698 giantess3698 g1 to g43690 rearity3690 malesub3686 sign3683 photoshop3678 style emulation3674 hyper breasts3672 seapony (g4)3666 cap3655 missionary position3651 weight gain3641 obtrusive watermark3638 funny3634 cuffs3633 t-shirt3628 nazi3622 shadow3622 door3621 cheese sandwich3619 magic suppression3618 frame by frame3617 knot3599 parent:pinkie pie3598 applebutt3589 reverse cowgirl3580 parent:rarity3578 them's fightin' herds3568 sunbutt3564 thick3564 brother and sister3560 underboob3555 soles3543 busty trixie3538 coffee3538 super mario bros.3528 puffy cheeks3526 multiple penetration3522 request3521 earth pony oc3515 crack shipping3514 floating3513 censored3512 panties pulled down3509 bottle3508 egg3493 camera3488 christmas tree3487 lineless3487 no pupils3487 rose3487 nightmare fuel3486 shy3483 males only3482
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Field SelectorTypeDescriptionExample
alias_ofLiteralMatches the name of the target tag, if this tag is aliased.alias_of:twilight sparkle
aliasedBooleanMatches when this tag is aliased.aliased:true
aliasesLiteralMatches the name of any of this tag's aliases.aliases:ts
analyzed_nameFull TextMatches the name of this tag. This is the default field.analyzed_name:wing
categoryLiteralMatches the category this tag belongs to.category:origin
descriptionFull TextMatches the text of the full description for this tag.description:species
idNumeric RangeMatches the numeric surrogate key for this tag.id:40482
imagesNumeric RangeMatches tags with the specified image count.images.lte:1000
implied_byLiteralMatches this tag if it is implied by the given tag.implied_by:transparent background
impliesLiteralMatches this tag if it implies the given tag.implies:shipping
nameLiteralMatches the exact name of this tag.name:safe
name_in_namespaceLiteralMatches the name of this tag with any namespace component removed.name_in_namespace:johnjoseco
namespaceLiteralMatches tags with the given namespace.namespace:artist
short_descriptionFull TextMatches the text of the short description for this tag.short_description:gender
slugLiteralMatches the slug of this tag.slug:-fwslash-mlp-fwslash-