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Images tagged snappy answers to stupid questions
Size: 1546x1500 | Tagged: suggestive, artist:groaninggreyagony, princess celestia, princess luna, pony, /mlp/, 4chan, blatant lies, burn, drawthread, dungeon meshi, faic, funny, funny as hell, gradient background, luna is not amused, manga, meme, monochrome, right to left, savage, sick burn, snappy answers to stupid questions, sweat, sweating profusely, vulgar
Size: 1600x817 | Tagged: safe, artist:echo-saan, apple bloom, scootaloo, earth pony, pegasus, pony, accent, apple stand, buy some apples, comic, female, filly, illiteracy, lucy's advice booth, open mouth, peanuts, sarcasm, snappy answers to stupid questions, speech bubble, stupid question
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