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Images tagged scruff

Size: 3508x2480 | Tagged: artist:jackiebloom, clothes, dog, dress, earth pony, female, filly, magical lesbian spawn, mouth hold, oc, oc:zap apple, offscreen character, offspring, parent:applejack, parent:coloratura, parents:rarajack, pet oc, pony, puppy, safe, scruff, simple background, solo, starry eyes, transparent background, wingding eyes
Size: 3300x2550 | Tagged: artist:loreto-arts, behaving like a cat, cute, dragon, female, fluttershy, fluttershy steals animals, male, mare, pegasus, ponified animal photo, safe, scruff, shyabetes, spike, stare, the stare, winged spike
Size: 670x1192 | Tagged: artist:julunis14, female, floppy ears, fluttershy, hand, holding a pony, irl, laminated, mare, neck hold, pegasus, photo, pony, safe, scruff, solo, three quarter view, traditional art, wings
Size: 800x800 | Tagged: applejack, artist:ba2sairus, ask, ask pun, clothespin, earth pony, female, mare, mouth hold, mud, muddy, oc, oc:pun, pony, pun, safe, scruff, stink lines, stinky, tub, winona
Size: 1108x1480 | Tagged: artist:sungoddessokami, behaving like a cat, colored wings, dangling, eared griffon, gradient background, gradient wings, griffon, griffon oc, grumpy, looking to side, male, multicolored wings, oc, oc:ember burd, oc only, paws, safe, scruff, solo, spread wings, talons, wings
Size: 721x556 | Tagged: artist:sugar morning, clothes, cute, depressed, female, fingers, hand, holding a pony, in goliath's palm, mare, oc, oc:depression, oc only, pegasus, pony, safe, scarf, scruff, simple background, sleepy, solo, tired, white background
Size: 800x1280 | Tagged: alternate hairstyle, artist:animefreak2282, duo, female, fluttershy, hybrid, interspecies offspring, mother and daughter, oc, oc:dream catcher (discoshy), offspring, parent:discord, parent:fluttershy, parents:discoshy, safe, scruff, simple background, white background
Size: 675x702 | Tagged: armor, artist:selenophile, bat pony, bat pony oc, cute, game boy, oc, oc only, oc:sweet heart, oc:umbra, pony, safe, scruff, size difference
Size: 1200x1504 | Tagged: artist:yakovlev-vad, cloud, ear fluff, flying, hand, levitation, magic, magic hands, male, monochrome, oc, oc only, paradox, pony, safe, scruff, seems legit, self-levitation, simple background, sketch, solo, stallion, troll physics, unicorn
Size: 1920x1214 | Tagged: alternate design, annoyed, artist:sketch-fluffy, biting, butt fluff, cheek fluff, chest fluff, chin fluff, colored wings, colt, cup, cute, dock, ear fluff, earth pony, ethereal mane, eyebrows visible through hair, eye clipping through hair, face down ass up, female, filly, floppy ears, fluffy, foal, frown, glare, gray background, hair bite, hanging, heart, hnnng, holding a pony, leg fluff, lidded eyes, looking at something, looking at you, looking down, male, mare, mouth hold, nom, nuzzling, oc, oc:ayaka, ocbetes, oc:masashi, oc only, :p, plot, ponified, pony, prone, raised tail, safe, scruff, silly, simple background, sitting, smiling, sparkles, species swap, spread wings, stallion, starry mane, surprised, tail, tail fluff, tongue out, wavy mouth, wide eyes, wing fluff, wings
Size: 1350x1800 | Tagged: apple bloom, apple bloom is not amused, applejack, applejack's hat, apple tree, artist:flutterluv, behaving like a cat, bow, carrying, cowboy hat, earth pony, eyes closed, female, filly, hair bow, hat, holding a pony, mare, mouth hold, ponified animal photo, pony, safe, scruff, tree, unamused
Size: 3203x2003 | Tagged: applejack, applespike, artist:eeveelutionlova, baby, baby pony, dracony, female, hybrid, interspecies offspring, male, mouth hold, next generation, oc, oc:emerald apple, offspring, old art, older, older spike, parent:applejack, parents:applespike, parent:spike, pony, safe, scruff, shipping, spike, straight
Size: 1081x1281 | Tagged: artist:dyonys, behaving like a cat, blushing, braid, clothes, curved horn, earth pony, female, height difference, horn, male, mare, mouth hold, oc, oc:chain steel (bill), oc:maya yamato, oc only, pony, safe, scruff, simple background, stallion, unicorn
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