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Tag changes on tag prosthetics

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Size: 1095x1300 | Tagged: safe, artist:margony, rainbow dash, anthro, pegasus, the cutie re-mark, alternate timeline, amputee, apocalypse dash, breasts, busty rainbow dash, crystal war timeline, cutie mark, female, looking at you, prosthetic arm, prosthetic limb, prosthetics, rain, sad, speedpaint available
prosthetics (2796) Added Pyr0T3ck
Size: 3984x4000 | Tagged: explicit, artist:zidanemina, captain celaeno, anthro, bird, parrot, my little pony: the movie, absurd resolution, amputee, areola, bedroom eyes, breasts, female, looking at you, nipples, nudity, peg leg, prosthetic leg, prosthetic limb, prosthetics, solo, solo female, spread legs, spreading, squatting, vulva
prosthetics (2796) Added Exhumed Legume
Size: 828x821 | Tagged: safe, artist:kittycatrittycat, rainbow dash, alicorn, series:technology, abstract background, alicornified, amputee, artificial wings, augmented, buttons, collar, glowing cutie mark, glowing horn, glowing wings, horn, lipstick, prosthetic limb, prosthetic wing, prosthetics, race swap, rainbowcorn, red button, solo, visor, wings
prosthetics (2796) Added KittyCatRittyCat
Size: 1920x1200 | Tagged: safe, artist:brainiac, oc, oc only, oc:atom smasher, cyborg, pegasus, pony, amputee, clothes, fanart, female, goggles, grass, jacket, mare, outdoors, prosthetic leg, prosthetic limb, prosthetics, solo, tree
prosthetics (2796) Added Exhumed Legume
Size: 2048x2607 | Tagged: safe, artist:creeate97, tempest shadow, classical unicorn, pony, unicorn, alternate design, armor, broken horn, cloven hooves, eye scar, female, helmet, horn, leonine tail, mare, marker drawing, prosthetic horn, prosthetics, scar, simple background, solo, tempest gets her horn back, traditional art, unshorn fetlocks, white background
prosthetics (2796) Added Exhumed Legume
Size: 960x761 | Tagged: safe, artist:moomkat, oc, oc:mintybatty, oc:silver spirit, bat pony, pony, unicorn, amputee, bat pony oc, bat wings, commission, duo, duo female, female, glasses, horn, lesbian, prosthetic limb, prosthetics, soft, unicorn oc, wings, ych result
prosthetics (2796) Added Background Pony #FA2D
Size: 2000x1946 | Tagged: safe, artist:chopsticks, barley barrel, kerfuffle, petunia petals, pickle barrel, sunny skies, earth pony, pegasus, pony, unicorn, rainbow roadtrip, spoiler:rainbow roadtrip, amputee, barrel twins, bow, brother and sister, clothes, colt, cute, female, filly, flying, foal, glasses, hat, illusion, male, mare, prosthetic limb, prosthetics, siblings, stallion, top hat, twins
prosthetics (2796) Added DarkW0lf5
Size: 1540x2677 | Tagged: safe, artist:supahdonarudo, captain celaeno, anthro, parrot pirates, my little pony: the movie, amputee, beauty mark, crystal pegleg, ear piercing, hand on hip, hat, piercing, pirate, pirate hat, prosthetic limb, prosthetics, simple background, transparent background
prosthetics (2796) Added TexasUberAlles
Size: 2048x989 | Tagged: safe, artist:sprane_swetry, kerfuffle, petunia petals, pinkie pie, rarity, sunny skies, twilight sparkle, alicorn, earth pony, pegasus, pony, unicorn, rainbow roadtrip, spoiler:rainbow roadtrip, amputee, female, heart, heart eyes, lesbian, monochrome, official fan art, prosthetic limb, prosthetics, rarilight, shipping, sigh, sketch, twilight sparkle (alicorn), wingding eyes
prosthetics (2796) Added RebeccaHawkins
Size: 2000x2000 | Tagged: explicit, artist:neonishe, oc, oc only, oc:snow bright, pegasus, pony, amputee, artificial wings, augmented, book, bow, female, looking at you, mare, mechanical wing, nudity, pegasus oc, prosthetic limb, prosthetic wing, prosthetics, solo, vagina, wings
prosthetics (2796) Added Xheotris
Size: 1024x576 | Tagged: safe, artist:aeridiccore, artist:imafutureguitarhero, aloe, applejack, berry punch, berryshine, bon bon, carrot top, cheerilee, cloudchaser, derpy hooves, dj pon-3, flitter, fluttershy, golden harvest, kerfuffle, lightning dust, lotus blossom, lyra heartstrings, nurse redheart, octavia melody, pinkie pie, rainbow dash, rarity, spitfire, sweetie drops, trixie, twilight sparkle, vinyl scratch, alicorn, earth pony, pegasus, pony, unicorn, 3d, amputee, applejack's hat, barrel, bon bon is not amused, bow (instrument), cello, cello bow, cider, colored eyebrows, colored eyelashes, cowboy hat, drunk, female, floppy ears, flying, frown, gmod, group, group photo, group shot, hat, hay bale, headphones, hoof hold, horn, lens flare, logo, mailmare, mailmare hat, mane six, mare, missing accessory, mug, musical instrument, octavia is not amused, open mouth, package, pinkamena diane pie, pinkie clone, prosthetic leg, prosthetic limb, prosthetics, quote, quotes, raised eyebrow, rearing, revamped ponies, self ponidox, sitting, sleeping, smiling, source filmmaker, text, twilight sparkle (alicorn), unamused, wall of tags, wings
prosthetics (2796) Added ImAFutureGuitarHero
Size: 1280x1152 | Tagged: questionable, artist:jonfawkes, apple bloom, applejack, berry punch, berryshine, big macintosh, bon bon, cayenne, coco crusoe, coloratura, derpy hooves, diamond tiara, discord, dj pon-3, doctor whooves, double diamond, fine line, fluttershy, gilda, lyra heartstrings, marble pie, maud pie, maxie, moondancer, night glider, nightmare moon, octavia melody, party favor, perfect pace, pinkie pie, prince rutherford, princess luna, rainbow dash, rarity, royal riff, scootaloo, shining armor, silver spoon, spike, spoiled rich, starlight glimmer, sugar belle, sweetie belle, sweetie drops, tantabus, time turner, trouble shoes, twilight sparkle, vinyl scratch, bat pony, elf, human, amending fences, appleoosa's most wanted, bloom and gloom, brotherhooves social, canterlot boutique, castle sweet castle, crusaders of the lost mark, do princesses dream of magic sheep, hearthbreakers, made in manehattan, make new friends but keep discord, party pooped, princess spike (episode), rarity investigates, scare master, season 5, slice of life (episode), tanks for the memories, the cutie map, the cutie re-mark, the hooffields and mccolts, the lost treasure of griffonstone, the mane attraction, the one where pinkie pie knows, what about discord?, :i, abs, ahoge, alternate hairstyle, alternate timeline, amputee, anime, anime style, apinkalypse pie, apocalypse dash, apocalypse maud, applejack's damaged hat, assisted exposure, bandeau, barefoot, belly button, beverage, big breasts, black underwear, blushing, bodypaint, bracelet, braid, breasts, brother and sister, busty fluttershy, busty nightmare moon, busty octavia, busty rarity, busty twilight sparkle, caption, carmen sandiego, cello, chains, chrysalis resistance timeline, cleavage, clothed male nude female, clothes, clothing theft, collage, collar, complete nudity, costume, cover, covering, cowboy hat, crossdressing, crossed arms, crying, crystal war timeline, cup, cute, cutie mark crusaders, dashabetes, descriptive noise, detective, dialogue, drama, drama queen, dress, drunk, drunkie pie, dubstep, duo, elf ears, embarrassed, embarrassed nude exposure, equal four, escape, exhibitionism, eyes closed, face paint, fake screencap, feet, female, fingerless gloves, flutterbat, flutterbat costume, freckles, frown, full body, gala dress, glasses, gloves, glowing wings, gritted teeth, hair over one eye, hat, headphones, high heels, horn, horned humanization, humanized, humiliation, implied diamond tiara, implied lesbian, implied lyrabon, implied shipping, implied spike, implied twilight sparkle, jacket, jewelry, jug, just friends, levitation, light wings, lipstick, liquid pride, long hair, looking at you, lyrics, magazine, magic, magic circle, makeup, male, mane seven, mane six, marblebetes, meme, midriff, music notes, musical instrument, naked rarity, necklace, nightmare takeover timeline, nipples, noir, now that's something i would like to see, nudity, o3o, offscreen character, open mouth, orchard blossom, panties, pants, partial nudity, piano, pinkamena diane pie, pinkie plastered, potion, pov, princess dress, prosthetic limb, prosthetics, public humiliation, public nudity, punklight sparkle, rara, red eyes, robe, rope, running makeup, s5 starlight, sad, salute, scarf, scene interpretation, scroll, sexy, shadow, shadow bloom, shoes, show accurate clothing, shush, shy, siblings, singing, skirt, skirtaloo, smiling, smirk, solo, spear, staff, staff of sameness, stetson, stripped by magic, stupid sexy nightmare moon, subtitles, sunglasses, sweater, swoon, talking, tanktop, tears of joy, teary eyes, telekinesis, text, that was fast, the magic inside, tribal pie, tribal riff, tribalshy, twilight sparkle (alicorn), twilight's castle, underwear, unicorns as elves, uniform, vacuum cleaner, wall of tags, wallpaper, waving, we bought two cakes, we don't normally wear clothes, weapon, wide eyes, wing ears, winged humanization, wings, wubcart, x intensifies
prosthetics (2796) Added Waspinator331
Size: 1600x711 | Tagged: safe, artist:akiiichaos, tempest shadow, trixie, pony, unicorn, alternate design, cloven hooves, deviantart watermark, eye scar, leonine tail, obtrusive watermark, prosthetic horn, prosthetics, scar, simple background, tempest gets her horn back, transparent background, watermark
prosthetics (2796) Added DR35
Size: 1280x1148 | Tagged: safe, artist:zmei-kira, rainbow dash, pegasus, pony, alternate timeline, amputee, apocalypse dash, artificial wings, augmented, collar, crystal war timeline, dark background, female, grin, mare, prosthetic limb, prosthetic wing, prosthetics, smiling, solo, spiked collar, wings
prosthetics (2796) Added 🙂
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Size: 905x473 | Tagged: safe, artist:spaciitea, oc, oc:calamity atom, anthro, griffon, amputee, anthro oc, featureless crotch, large wings, male, mechanical claw, prosthetic limb, prosthetics, wings
prosthetics (2796) Added Calamity Atom
Size: 789x789 | Tagged: safe, oc, oc:calamity atom, griffon, amputee, male, mechanical claw, prosthetic leg, prosthetic limb, prosthetics, solo
prosthetics (2796) Added TheMasterEraser
Size: 2000x2000 | Tagged: safe, artist:sourcherry, oc, oc:shining example, cyborg, earth pony, pony, fallout equestria, amputee, angry, male, muscles, prosthetic leg, prosthetic limb, prosthetics, solo, stallion, unshorn fetlocks, wasteland ventures
prosthetics (2796) Added darthrex
Size: 948x1200 | Tagged: safe, artist:kaemantis, kerfuffle, sassy saddles, anthro, pegasus, unguligrade anthro, unicorn, rainbow roadtrip, spoiler:rainbow roadtrip, amputee, belt, blushing, clothes, commission, dress, ear piercing, eyes closed, female, heart, holding hands, kersassy, kissing, lesbian, mare, pants, piercing, pincushion, prosthetic leg, prosthetic limb, prosthetics
prosthetics (2796) Added MLPFan2012
Size: 1487x1828 | Tagged: explicit, artist:icaron, rainbow dash, oc, cyborg, anus, artificial alicorn, augmented, cyberpunk, dock, eye scar, levitation, looking at you, looking back, looking back at you, magic, nudity, ponut, prosthetic horn, prosthetics, scar, show accurate, show accurate porn, telekinesis, vagina, vulva
prosthetics (2796) Added Ereiam
Size: 2927x2010 | Tagged: explicit, semi-grimdark, artist:icaron, rainbow dash, oc, oc:arvid, cyborg, griffon, acrotomophilia, amputation, amputee, anus, artificial alicorn, augmented, blushing, bondage, cyberpunk, dock, edging, encasement, eye scar, helmet, levitation, magic, nudity, penis, ponut, precum, prosthetic horn, prosthetic leg, prosthetic limb, prosthetics, quadruple amputee, roboticization, rubber, scar, sextuple amputee, show accurate, show accurate porn, story in the source, telekinesis, transformation, vagina, vulva
prosthetics (2796) Added Ereiam
Size: 1994x2010 | Tagged: explicit, semi-grimdark, artist:icaron, oc, oc:arvid, cyborg, griffon, acrotomophilia, amputation, amputee, blushing, bondage, cockring, collar, edging, encasement, gag, helmet, nudity, penis, precum, prosthetic leg, prosthetic limb, prosthetics, quadruple amputee, robotic arm, roboticization, sextuple amputee, story in the source, transformation
prosthetics (2796) Added Ereiam
Size: 1500x1060 | Tagged: safe, artist:jamescorck, apple bloom, cyborg, earth pony, pony, robot, adeptus mechanicus, amputee, crossover, diskette, floppy disk, gun, kastelan, mask, older, prosthetic eye, prosthetic limb, prosthetics, solo, warhammer (game), warhammer 40k, weapon
prosthetics (2796) Added Frustration in Excelsis
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Size: 2000x1500 | Tagged: explicit, artist:euspuche, captain celaeno, oc, oc:azure glide, bird, parrot, pegasus, pony, my little pony: the movie, amputee, an egg being attacked by sperm, azurlaeno, cum, ear piercing, earring, egg cell, eyes closed, female, impregnation, interspecies, jewelry, kissing, male, missionary position, nudity, peg leg, penetration, piercing, pony on parrot action, prosthetic leg, prosthetic limb, prosthetics, sex, spermatozoon, stallion, straight, vagina, vaginal, vaginal secretions
prosthetics (2796) Added Exhumed Legume
Marked Duplicate
Size: 1446x650 | Tagged: safe, artist:iideekayart, oc, oc:adalrik, oc:golan, oc:leo, oc:lionel, oc:macaria, oc:sophie, oc:verum, abyssinian, cat, diamond dog, dog, dragon, earth pony, german shepherd, minotaur, persian, fanfic:check mate, amputee, character line up, checkmate, clothes, eskimo, fan comic, fanfic art, goth, jersey, parka, pokémon, prosthetic leg, prosthetic limb, prosthetics, school uniform, walking stick
prosthetics (2796) Added TheMasterEraser
Size: 1743x900 | Tagged: safe, artist:andrew hickinbottom, captain celaeno, anthro, bird, parrot, my little pony: the movie, 3d, 3ds max, amputee, beauty mark, ear piercing, earring, feather, female, gray background, hat, jewelry, multeity, official, part of a set, piercing, pirate hat, prosthetic leg, prosthetic limb, prosthetics, simple background, solo, sword, weapon
prosthetics (2796) Added TexasUberAlles