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Size: 1000x831 | Tagged: alternate design, artist:eqq_scremble, bat pony, bisexual, blushing, cheerilee, clothes, crack shipping, crying, derpibooru exclusive, doublecheer, double diamond, doublelane, earth pony, female, forehead kiss, gay, hair braiding, hair bun, hat, headcanon, hornless unicorn, kissing, laughing, lesbian, male, mare, mudbriar, mudparty, night glider, nightglow, nightheart, nurse hat, nurse redheart, nuzzles, pacific glow, partycheer, partydiamond, party favor, pegasus, pigtails, pinkie clone, pony, race swap, reddiamond, safe, scar, scarf, sharing a scarf, shipping, simple background, sketch, sketch dump, stallion, straight, tears of joy, thunderlane, tongue out, transgender, trans girl, troublefavor, trouble shoes, unicorn
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