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7 11 0
Size: 244x160 | Tagged: g1, lofty, my little pony 'n friends, safe, screencap, solo
2 -2 0
Size: 771x570 | Tagged: artist:kohala8, baby quackers, baby ribbon, balloon, bubbles (character), flutter pony, g1, g3, heart throb, little flitter, lofty, mimic, minty, mlp arena, queen rosedust, rosedust, safe, seapony, tiny bubbles
6 10 0
Size: 758x531 | Tagged: artist:kohala8, g1, lofty, moondancer, safe, story in the source, sundance
6 14 1
Size: 1024x1201 | Tagged: artist:uppun, blueberry baskets, bouncy, braided beauty, brilliant bloom, curly locks, dancing butterflies, firefly, floater, flutterbye, g1, glittering gem, heart throb, hippity hop, honeycomb, locket, lofty, masquerade, medley, north star, obtrusive watermark, paradise, pegasus, pegasus twilight, peppermint crunch, princess pristina, princess tiffany, rainbow, ringlet, safe, sea breeze, skydancer, sprinkles, starglow, starshine, sugar apple, surprise, sweet pop, tall tales, tickle (g1), twilight, twinkler, wave runner, whizzer, wind whistler, yum yum
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