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Images tagged butterjack (gay)

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Size: 1024x655 | Tagged: applejack, applejack (male), appleshy, artist:superrosey16, bat pony, butterjack (gay), butterscotch, dialogue, eye contact, flutterbat, fluttershy, gay, looking at each other, male, neckerchief, pony, profile, race swap, rule 63, safe, shipping, standing, watermark
Size: 550x650 | Tagged: applejack, applejack (male), appleshy, artist:prk, batterscotch, butterjack (gay), butterscotch, clothes, cowboy hat, equestria girls, equestria guys, flutterbat, fluttershy, freckles, gay, hat, lasso, male, pants, rope, rule 63, safe, shipping, stetson, vampire
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