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Tag changes for artist:itstaylor-made

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Size: 720x900 | Tagged: artist:itstaylor-made, earth pony, female, freckles, mare, oc, oc:apple nurture, pony, safe, simple background, solo, tongue out, white background
artist:itstaylor-made (135)Added Background Pony #D7E9
Size: 900x606 | Tagged: artist:itstaylor-made, chest fluff, curved horn, explosives, fizzlepop berrytwist, glowing horn, grass, magic, my little pony: the movie, pony, safe, simple background, solo, telekinesis, tempest shadow, tongue out, unicorn, unshorn fetlocks, yellow background
artist:itstaylor-made (135)Added Marx
Size: 1000x1200 | Tagged: artist:itstaylor-made, basket, dragon, heart, safe, simple background, skipping, solo, spike, white background
artist:itstaylor-made (135)Added Marx
Size: 1500x1200 | Tagged: artist:itstaylor-made, bong, drugs, facial hair, high, older, pillow, pony, safe, snail, snails, solo, speech bubble, unicorn
artist:itstaylor-made (135)Added Marx
Size: 1500x1000 | Tagged: armor, artist:itstaylor-made, bubblegum, clothes, cutie mark, element of laughter, food, guard, gum, gummy, maud pie, older, pinkie pie, pony, safe, simple background, story in the comments, tan background, unshorn fetlocks
artist:itstaylor-made (135)Added Marx
Size: 800x533 | Tagged: alternate hairstyle, applejack, armor, artist:itstaylor-made, big macintosh, cape, caramel, clothes, earth pony, eating, element of honesty, female, guard, male, mare, pony, raised eyebrow, safe, short mane, simple background, stallion, trio
artist:itstaylor-made (135)Added Background Pony #C39D
(Anonymous Uploader)
Size: 1024x768 | Tagged: artist:itstaylor-made, bat pony, cutie mark, fangs, male, oc, oc only, oc:star song, safe, simple background, solo, source needed, tongue out, two toned mane
artist:itstaylor-made (135)Added Derpy Whooves
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