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Size: 1280x720 | Tagged: alicorn, alicorn oc, anesthesia spell, animated, armor, artificial alicorn, artist:acesential, artist:awildfantasy, artist:catsby, artist:darrianmh, artist:diggidoo, artist:flutterwonder, artist:he4rtofcourage, artist:inivonwini, artist:irkengeneral, artist:johnnoz, artist:jump-cut, artist:madmax, artist:majorfreddy, artist:nick ha, artist:olafski, artist:otherunicorn, artist:pika-robo, artist:reakkorshrike, artist:rhodarein, artist:slowlearner46, artist:toasterrepairunit, artist:wisdom-thumbs, ash, assault rifle, bag, battle saddle, blood, blood writing, bottle, boxcar, bullet hole, canteen, cart, claws, clothes, cloud, cloudy, colored hooves, crying, cutie mark, dashite, dead tree, earth pony, enclave armor, eyes closed, fallout equestria, fanfic, fanfic art, fangs, female, fire, floppy ears, fluttershy medical saddlebag, flying, forever, friendship city, frown, fuck, glare, glowing horn, grand pegasus enclave, green alicorn (fo:e), grimdark, grin, gritted teeth, gun, handgun, happy, hat, hellhound, hooves, horn, hospital, hospital horror, imminent death, imminent explosion, land mine, lesbian, levitation, little macintosh, looking at you, looking back, lying down, magic, male, mare, medical saddlebag, metal detector, mine, minesweeper, ministry mares, ministry of morale, ministry of peace, music, oc, oc:calamity, oc:colonel autumn leaf, oc:homage, oc:littlepip, oc:velvet remedy, oc x oc, offscreen character, old olneigh, open mouth, optical sight, pegasus, pinkie pie is watching you, pipbuck, pipleg, pistol, pony, poster, pov, power armor, prone, propaganda, radaway, raider, raised hoof, red-eye's cathedral, revolver, rifle, ruins, saddle bag, s.a.t.s., scope, sharp teeth, shipping, sitting, skywagon, smiling, smoke, sniper rifle, song, sound, splendid valley, spread wings, stallion, swearing, teeth, telekinesis, tentacles, text, this will end in death, this will end in explosions, this will end in pain, toaster repair pony, tongue out, tree, unicorn, v.a.t.s., vault suit, vulgar, wasteland, weapon, webm, when i'm bored, wings, zebra
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N/AImage Merged/Deletedartist:he4rtofcourage (55)Added Background Pony #39CD
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Size: 700x716 | Tagged: mouth hold, pinkie pie, safe, sword
artist:he4rtofcourage (55)Removed he4rtofcourage
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N/AImage Merged/Deletedartist:he4rtofcourage (55)Added Solitude
Size: 2918x2883 | Tagged: 4th job, artist:he4rtofcourage, geas, grand chase, high res, mari, safe
artist:he4rtofcourage (55)Added Wasteland_Filly