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Size: 1045x1102 | Tagged: safe, artist:itsmagicrow, spike, antoine d'coolette, crossover, sonic the hedgehog (series)
Size: 1024x759 | Tagged: safe, artist:spqr21, pony, antoine d'coolette, bunnie rabbot, deviantart muro, ponified, simple background, sonic the hedgehog (series), transparent background
Size: 1794x1639 | Tagged: safe, artist:dth1971, idw, antoine d'coolette, barely pony related, chart, crayon drawing, crossover, g.i. joe, my little pony, sonic the hedgehog (series), take that, teenage mutant ninja turtles, traditional art, transformers
Size: 1024x769 | Tagged: safe, artist:elisto, dragon, antoine d'coolette, bunnie rabbot, dulcy, freedom fighters, g1, miles "tails" prower, ponified, rotor, rotor walrus, sally acorn, sonic the hedgehog, sonic the hedgehog (series), traditional art, watermark
Size: 900x675 | Tagged: safe, artist:megahayzer, antoine d'coolette, bunnie rabbot, doctor eggman, fanfic, ponified, sally acorn, sonic the hedgehog, sonic the hedgehog (series)
Size: 632x818 | Tagged: safe, applejack, fluttershy, pinkie pie, rainbow dash, rarity, twilight sparkle, antoine d'coolette, bunnie rabbot, comparison, copy and paste, crossover, cut and paste, mane six, miles "tails" prower, rotor, sally acorn, satam, sonic the hedgehog, sonic the hedgehog (series)
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