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Tag Aliases

Tag aliases are used to correct common typos and to canonicalize various spellings into one tag, amongst other things.

This tag.... goes to this tag
apple jackapplejack (129656 images)
applejack is a background ponybackground pony applejack (57 images)
apple jack mid tree-buck facing the left with 3 apples falling downapplejack mid tree-buck facing the left with 3 apples falling down (18 images)
apple jack mid tree-buck facing the right with 3 apples falling downapplejack mid tree-buck facing the right with 3 apples falling down (10 images)
applejack seasoncomic:applejack season (28 images)
appleloosa buckball unicorneye black (28 images)
appleloosa's most wantedappleoosa's most wanted (685 images)
appleoosaappleloosa (181 images)
applerackbusty applejack (5582 images)
apple rareoc:apple rare (12 images)
applesapple (10653 images)
apple sauceapplesauce (71 images)
appletreeapple tree (1333 images)
apple treesapple tree (1333 images)
apple turnoverapple brown betty (117 images)
april ropesoc:april ropes (24 images)
a princess' tearscomic:a princess' tears (35 images)
ar-15ar15 (196 images)
arcaire baitdashabetes (4801 images)
archer bodkinscootablue (155 images)
archer (bowman)archer (138 images)
arguingargument (534 images)
aria bazookasbusty aria blaze (723 images)
aritst neededartist needed (20491 images)
arizona cockfuta arizona cow (7 images)
arizongas cowbusty arizona cow (25 images)
armbandsarmband (523 images)
armoredarmor (14439 images)
armourarmor (14439 images)
armpitarmpits (27762 images)
armpit sexaxillism (60 images)
arms crossedcrossed arms (2521 images)
arm sleevesdetached sleeves (96 images)
aroura's amuletamulet of aurora (19 images)
arrowheadoc:arrowhead (182 images)
artemisprince artemis (525 images)
art from /mlp//mlp/ (7084 images)
arthasarthas menethil (15 images)
artificial cumfake cum (183 images)
artificial limbprosthetic limb (1130 images)
artist:∀artist:asai-g (0 images)
artist:ざとartist:zat (185 images)
artist:りギartist:rigi (121 images)
artist:レザ ヴォデャニナartist:evildraw (17 images)
artist:いらこartist:irako (6 images)
artist:うさぎartist:leafbunny (20 images)
artist:ふぬゅartist:funuu (2 images)
artist:ミルナartist:ringo (11 images)
artist:あきたむartist:aki-tam (16 images)
artist:あっがいartist:aggai (24 images)