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Tag Aliases

Tag aliases are used to correct common typos and to canonicalize various spellings into one tag, amongst other things.

This tag.... goes to this tag
applejack seasoncomic:applejack season (28 images)
appleloosa buckball unicorneye black (24 images)
appleloosa's most wantedappleoosa's most wanted (685 images)
appleoosaappleloosa (171 images)
applerackbusty applejack (5408 images)
apple rareoc:apple rare (12 images)
applesapple (10341 images)
apple sauceapplesauce (67 images)
appletreeapple tree (1210 images)
apple treesapple tree (1210 images)
apple turnoverapple brown betty (116 images)
april ropesoc:april ropes (24 images)
a princess' tearscomic:a princess' tears (35 images)
ar-15ar15 (195 images)
arcaire baitdashabetes (4597 images)
archer bodkinscootablue (152 images)
archer (bowman)archer (135 images)
arguingargument (501 images)
aria bazookasbusty aria blaze (701 images)
aritst neededartist needed (20035 images)
arizona cockfuta arizona cow (7 images)
arizongas cowbusty arizona cow (25 images)
armbandsarmband (502 images)
armoredarmor (13772 images)
armourarmor (13772 images)
armpitarmpits (26807 images)
armpit sexaxillism (58 images)
arms crossedcrossed arms (2318 images)
arm sleevesdetached sleeves (93 images)
aroura's amuletamulet of aurora (11 images)
arrowheadoc:arrowhead (182 images)
artemisprince artemis (518 images)
art from /mlp//mlp/ (7027 images)
arthasarthas menethil (14 images)
artificial cumfake cum (182 images)
artificial limbprosthetic limb (1071 images)
artist:∀artist:asai-g (0 images)
artist:ざとartist:zat (185 images)
artist:りギartist:rigi (121 images)
artist:レザ ヴォデャニナartist:evildraw (17 images)
artist:いらこartist:irako (6 images)
artist:うさぎartist:leafbunny (20 images)
artist:ふぬゅartist:funuu (2 images)
artist:ミルナartist:ringo (11 images)
artist:あきたむartist:aki-tam (16 images)
artist:あっがいartist:aggai (24 images)
artist:さときちartist:shitamachimura (5 images)
artist:つくすんartist:tsukusun (41 images)
artist:まんまるartist:manmaru00 (23 images)
artist:もりぐるartist:moriguru (4 images)