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Tag Aliases

Tag aliases are used to correct common typos and to canonicalize various spellings into one tag, amongst other things.

This tag.... goes to this tag
americaunited states (673 images)
amirackbusty amira (19 images)
ammoammunition (80 images)
amphisbaenaamphisbæna (12 images)
amphislyrabonlyrabon (fusion) (184 images)
amphithereamphiptere (18 images)
amy heartmystery mint (829 images)
anaglyphanaglyph 3d (50 images)
anal gapegaping anus (1480 images)
analingus - female on malefemale on male analingus (212 images)
anal masturbationanal insertion (5578 images)
anal penetrationanal (22106 images)
anal sexanal (22106 images)
anal toybuttplug (2703 images)
and i must screami have no mouth and i must scream (179 images)
a new changecomic:a new change (70 images)
angel fishangelfish (29 images)
angel rarititsbusty rarity (9033 images)
angerangry (18519 images)
anger veincross-popping veins (1021 images)
anglerfishangler fish (103 images)
anglo-saxonold english (15 images)
anilingusanalingus (1832 images)
animal crueltyanimal abuse (100 images)
animalsanimal (1808 images)
animationanimated (81775 images)
animatronicsanimatronic (558 images)
anime anatomybarbie doll anatomy (1366 images)
annoying watermarkobtrusive watermark (1711 images)
anonoc:anon (10316 images)
anonfillyoc:filly anon (1769 images)
antagonistsantagonist (1038 images)
anthrobitsart pack:anthrobits (9 images)
anthromorphicanthro (191246 images)
anthropologyfanfic:anthropology (93 images)
anthropomorphanthro (191246 images)
anti-semitismantisemitism (54 images)
antishyopposite fluttershy (41 images)
antlerantlers (1311 images)
aodanimation on display (12 images)
aperture science handheld portal deviceportal gun (176 images)
a picture for antspicture for breezies (2196 images)
apnganimated png (106 images)
applaudingclapping (534 images)
applauseclapping (534 images)
appleassapplebutt (2939 images)
applebellesweetiebloom (267 images)
appleblazeautumnjack (69 images)
applebloomapple bloom (41830 images)
apple bloom and rumblerumbloom (45 images)