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Tag Aliases

Tag aliases are used to correct common typos and to canonicalize various spellings into one tag, amongst other things.

This tag.... goes to this tag
4th wall breakingbreaking the fourth wall (698 images)
50 shades of greyfifty shades of grey (108 images)
60fps60 fps (359 images)
60's60s (53 images)
6969 position (2213 images)
80's80s (938 images)
80's cheerilee80s cheerilee (375 images)
80's hair80s hair (54 images)
80s retro80s (938 images)
8-bit (pony)8-bit (character) (72 images)
8th doctoreighth doctor (41 images)
90s'90s (141 images)
90's'90s (141 images)
90's kid'90s kid (4 images)
90s kid'90s kid (4 images)
9th anniversarymlp fim's ninth anniversary (316 images)
9th doctorninth doctor (82 images)
abapple bloom (44429 images)
abacus cinchprincipal abacus cinch (849 images)
about to vomitimminent vomiting (33 images)
absurdly low respicture for breezies (2315 images)
absurd resabsurd resolution (61942 images)
a canterlot wedding part 1a canterlot wedding (2230 images)
a canterlot wedding part 2a canterlot wedding (2230 images)
accomplished steampunk scientist twilightsteamquestria (135 images)
acorn twilighttwilacorn (22 images)
acrylicacrylic painting (204 images)
acrylicsacrylic painting (204 images)
action figuresaction figure (103 images)
adadvertisement (6848 images)
adagiazonga dazzlebusty adagio dazzle (1218 images)
adam atomicmicrochips (1127 images)
adapting to nightcomic:adapting to night (286 images)
aderpablederpabetes (1772 images)
adongiofuta adagio dazzle (94 images)
adoptadoptable (1338 images)
adoptablesadoptable (1338 images)
adorabeautifuladorasexy (7918 images)
adorabeautisexyadorasexy (7918 images)
adorabirdgabbybetes (313 images)
adorablecute (154603 images)
adorable as fuckcute (154603 images)
adorajackjackabetes (4472 images)
adoraspikespikabetes (1541 images)
adorbscute (154603 images)
adoremberemberbetes (181 images)
adorifyingadoracreepy (527 images)
adorkable twilight and friendscomic:adorkable twilight and friends (652 images)
adventure boy poniesbig brother ponies (66 images)
advertadvertisement (6848 images)