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Request artist tag aliases here

Started by Joey
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Bit Flip
artist:IIXxQwErTyxXII appears to be an older name for an artist who now goes by "uminanimu"; could we add an artist:uminanimu tag and alias it with the former?
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I need to transfer all the art to a new tag, and add a new tag to my profile.

sorry if I fill out the application form incorrectly

Main evidence: https://vk.com/misartt
DA: https://www.deviantart.com/tritho
In my last art, a new signature: "mis"
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You made the form just fine, but the person in charge of doing these isn’t back yet. They’ll do them as soon as they can. And if you’re the verified artist, listing sites for "evidence" isn’t actually necessary, per se. But if you want new links under your profile, you have to go to Create new user link.
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I'm a dragon. A cat too.

I’m doing myself a revamp for a fixed username, which I chose this new one.
https://twitter.com/Nikorieru/ (sfw) and https://twitter.com/Nikorierw/ (nsfw)
I’ll also make a new Furaffinity account with this same name later. Sorry if it’s confusing~
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@Nikorieru & @Brokedownandmadeone
The alias is done – please take a look at it and let me know if you’d like anything changed.

I’m not really here right now (on my way to bed) so I won’t try verifying the gallery links until tomorrow … but I wanted to get the first part of the aliasing done as fast as possible.

And I’ll catch up with the other requests tomorrow :)
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