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Forgalorga looks like it's entirely vector traces and edited screencaps, they probably want it to be considered separately from the work done in their own style.
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The stuff on Agrol's tag is more than just the pointy ponies (which is a style the show did first). His style of animating and the subtle differences in the way he draws the non-pointy "normal" ponies is distinct and identical to the way he does things as "Forgalorga".


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@Hopen Way
We can't even have a short note/message on the Agrol tag that says "Do not tag with "Forgalorga" or something? Other artists have links to alternate tags of theirs and it specifies what each tag is for. ("NSFW" or "edits" or some specificity.)
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"artist:rubberducky12":derpibooru.org/tags/artist-colon-rubberducky12 → "artist:destroymuse":derpibooru.org/tags/artist-colon-destroymuse

"DA name change":rubberducky12.deviantart.com/art/Request-1-275934912
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My spouse is out of the hospital and recovering at home, so I'm going to be able to get caught up on these finally.

@Markiz93 — Done.

@Background Pony #CFA0
• artist:rain-gear → artist:photonoko — Update: The artist hasn't been on the site for a long time, and since their new art all appears to be non-MLP furry art, I think keeping their main tag as "rain-gear" makes the most sense. The "photonoko" tag has been added as an alias to artist:rain-gear.

@Brokedownandmadeone — All done.

@Background Pony #CFA0 — Agreed, done.

@Dogman15 — Thank you, that helps a lot.

@MellowinsomeYellow — Done.

@Brokedownandmadeone — That was a mess. Thank you for helping us straighten it out.

@Hopen Way — Done.

@Markiz93 — Didn't forget, just got busy with life for a little bit. It's done now though. Sorry for the delay.

• artist:naughty-savage → artist:cabbage-arts — Done.
• artist:asembr-a → artist:minelvi — Done.
• lyr4xhe4rtstrings → artist:elhombre1994 — Done.
• artist:clar-midnight → artist:princess-liliana — Done.
• artist:zekromlullaby → artist:zekromlover — That's ok, because that is a verified link the system automatically replaces their artist tag.
• artist:ajuethemod aka artist:ajue → artist:ajuee — Not aliased. The artist is maintaining separate artist tags, one with a DNP setting and the other without. Merging them would put all of their art under DNP.
• artist:edyammies → artist:mayde-m — Done.
• artist:69bea → artist:69beasii — Not aliased. This is two separate people who are using the same artist tag, and the Verified Links system sorts it out.

Also there are two deviantart links there that lead to the same place, you should probably fix that. — You are misreading the situation. There are two separate artists sharing that one gallery, and this is how they have asked for it to be set up.

@never be lesbian — Oh my gosh those are SO CUTE! Done.

@Brokedownandmadeone — Agreed. Done.

• artist:zekromlullaby → artist:zekromlover — Agreed. I'm keeping it → artist:zekromlover mainly because that's their profile name here, and I've send them a PM in case they want any of that changed.
• artist:ajuethemod, artist:ajue → artist:ajuee — Again, the artist has set different DNP settings for each of those artist tags this site, so no alias.
• artist:69bea → artist:69beasii — Again, this is two separate people, and they have their tags set as they would like. I'm not going to do anything to their tags unless it is requested by them. In this case there is an artist and a publicist, so their tags are set as they want and they're managing the tags themselves.

Also there are two deviantart links there that lead to the same place, you should probably fix that. — Our site doesn't like duplicate verified links, so by having two different ways of getting to the same place both the artist and their publicist have verified links "to the same place", albeit via a redirect.

• artist:fluffernubber → artist:dullvivid — Done.
• artist:hsyscod → artist:syscod — Done.

@MellowinsomeYellow & @Brokedownandmadeone & @MellowinsomeYellow & @Brokedownandmadeone & @Exhumed Legume & @MellowinsomeYellow & @Brokedownandmadeone & @Exhumed Legume
I aliased artist:eponsafe → artist:b-epon because that's what the artist is using on this site.

@Hopen Way — Thank you :) I went → artist:hellishnya because their DA has all the info for them.

@rannius — Agreed. Done.

@icey wicey 1517 — Agreed. Done.

@Brokedownandmadeone — Done.

@Brokedownandmadeone — Cool. It's good to have those tied together. Thanks for doing that research. Done.

@Background Pony #CFA0
These two requests have been omitted, is that a mistake or? — No, I've just been really busy with life. They're done now.

@Hopen Way & @Brokedownandmadeone — That was a bit of a mess, wasn't it? I aliased everything into artist:deiiriush since that is their current DA name.

@Brokedownandmadeone — Done.

@Epic Hoagie — Previously done.

@Sunsper — Done.

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