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Request artist tag aliases here

Started by Joey
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Screaming through these backwards to make sure I catch them all …

@radpanic – Done.

@Brokedownandmadeone – Done.

• artist:nairasillustrations → artist:naira – Done.
• artist:mizoreame00 → artist:mizoreame – Done.

@Dragonpone – Done.

@Dragonpone – Done.

@Background Pony #8523 – Done.

@Sunsper & @Sunsper – I’ve asked the artist what they would like done.

@GenericArchangel – Done.

@Dragonpone – Done.

@Dragonpone – Done.

@Dragonpone – Gosh, that’s … kind of a mystery. I wonder how we missed that for so long. I aliased it into artist:darkone10 and updated their badges based on their new total of images.

@Dragonpone – Done. I went with the DA link.

@Background Pony #4E92 – Done.

@radpanic – Done. Cute art :)

@Hopen Way – Done.
Background Pony #8523
I have no idea if it’s the same artist, but (all explicit)
>>2198276 and >>1819412
>>2198268 and >>1819411
>>2198278 and >>1819415
Former with artist tag artist:mystic blare afterdark
Later with artist tag artist:purpleponyafterdark
Can a mod please check if it’s the same person? If so, then
artist:purpleponyafterdarkartist:mystic blare afterdark
from the dupe report requesting to update name. They also have another tag artist:mystic blare.
If this is correct, then it’s the same person.

From dupe report; Clicking on the source gives the redirect: →

From dupe report; Clicking on the source gives the redirect: →
Background Pony #8523
Since it seems to have been missed:

Artist changed their name; clicking on a pic source in the former links to the latter. Example:
>>911504 →

>>2191963 Links to at source
>>2191945 Links to the same patreon. Additionally both tags share the pinkie pics >>1761629 and >>1761630

>>1619570 has a source that links to "pomrawr".
Additionally, clicking on the sources for the former’s tag (>>851788 example) yields →
For this image >>658265, it has the redirect: →
On the main page of "softsugar", it says the new account is "pomrawr" as well.
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