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Request artist tag aliases here

Started by Joey
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artist:daiidalus, artist:vhsscrooge, artist:vhs_scroogeartist:murderdaiida

Signature + most of their site names. Twitter looks like their main posting site.


artist:hk19901115 ,artist:noupu1115, artist:eropu1115, artist:eropuartist:noupu

NSFW twitter
old twitter handle (auto-redirect )
tumblr links NSFW twitter, NSFW twitter links SFW. Found tumblr through google search.


FA (verified, and lists 2 links below)
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Yeah, Forgalorga is definitely the same as Agrol; not sure why he wants the aliases separated. I think I once suggested that a note be added to one of the tags specifically saying that they’re to be kept separate, so people stop asking.
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artist:snowsnejik, artist:velvethope, artist:lostpearlwingsartist:whiteliar

whiteliar is the current username on YCH.commishes and Twitter.
lostpearlwings is the Twitter handle.
SnowSnejik is the name of their DeviantArt account, which hasn’t had any activity for some time. This post on DA still has a valid link to YCH.commishes.
velvethope was previously their Tumblr handle (as listed in DA profile). Also the signature for a while.
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@Brokedownandmadeone – Done.

@Shayzorr – Done

@wumbl3 – Done.

@Brokedownandmadeone – Done, but I went with the new DA profile since that’s where a lot of their stuff points to, and to match their Ko-fi and other profiles.

@Brokedownandmadeone – Done and Done.

@Brokedownandmadeone – Done.

@miseriaArt – Done, sorry that took so long.

@Brokedownandmadeone – Done.

@Urist McUnicorn – Done.

@Background Pony #8F8B – Done.

@Bit Flip – Done.

@Brokedownandmadeone – Thank you.

@Brokedownandmadeone – Oh my gosh that’s cute! Watched :) Also, done.
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