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Lunar Conflict II: Slr Reliquum

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Dono & M.Storm
Thread Starter - Flowing Bliss - NSFW

(This thread is the fourth installation of the NLR saga and that I am proud to direct this fourth installation on behalf of those who first introduced me to RPing. I feel honored to do this and that I am happy to present a very traditional thread that has made my imagination go beyond as well as others who have been in the saga from the start. Without further ado, I present to you, the intro for Lunar Conflict II: Sōlār Reliquum.)

1696:The NLR and SE are formed.
1700: Prince Eclise is born and the NLR build their army.
1708: The NLR and SE have their first major conflict the NLR win and capture the Everfree forest.
1745: Prince Eclipse Is captured and sent to the moon. The NLR starts to crumble and die.
1755: The death of the NLR.. the death of the Moon. The NLR’S main warship "The Borealis" is attacked and the battle of the sea goes on for almost 5 hours…but it is useless The SE boards the Borealis and kills its crew, its captian Princes Luna goes down fighting, her throat is cut and she drowns in her own blood. THe SE hang her from the Bow as her ship sinks into the big blue.
1767: The last bit of NLR is crushed…only a few NLR troops remain…..
1800: Eclipse returns to find his mother dead and the NLR dead……. Or is it. He waits for the right moment to strike…
2014: The NLR has been rebuilt and the war ends.
2024: ???

(Eclipse’s part of the intro)
A dark cold night breeze stirred the black clouds that floated gently, covering the Moon’s soft blue nocturnal light. Only a certain amount of light would shine down onto the cold snowy ground, the weltered trees had snow covering them, the ground almost knee deep with snow and very few animals were caught in the colds embrace but there was one who was not sleeping. An animal that carried swords and a dagger, one that wore a warm cozy cloak that covered its face.

"The blizzard is catching up."

A deep blackish dark mist flows around his hands and out of his pupils, he scans the snowy floor and heads North…

"Hmm don’t remember it being this cold."

He chuckles and walks forward, heading for the mountains and looking for a very specific cave, one that held memories about his childhood. Suddenly his ear twitches and the darkness reforms on his face acting as a bandana mask covering his nose and lower head also keeping him warm he lays down on the ground his white cloak making him blend in

"… Who’s there?"

People shouting and running. Most talk about this animal while others suggest new hiding areas to search. The animal slowly starts to crawl away and make for the mountains.

About 3 hours later he makes it to the base of the mountain and looks up… The cave’s pathway entrances had collapsed over the years.

"Well, looks like I have to do this the hard way: Daggers and a strong ass grip."

A smirk appears as he backs up and and pulls two daggers out, both black and purple with an NLR symbol on them. He runs forward and throws one up high and jumps, the other one clinging onto a thick rocky ice wall.

"Good, it can hold my fat ass."

He chuckles softly and reaches for the other one, pulling the lower dagger out and begins his long climb up to the cave entrances.

After a while his dagger enters the cave and he pulls himself up.

"There we are."

He pulls out a pair of binoculars and scans the area, looking around slowly to not miss anything important that could possibly stick out. He continues to scan the area and notices a black spot moving slowly to the area.


Zooms in and then puts the binoculars away, beginning to head down

"I hope that is a friendly, I pray to god."

Turns around and heads deep in the cave and finds an old firepit with
wood nearby

"…Huh…. Woah!"

He starts a small but warm fire and lays down beside it.

Time passes as the moon is at its highest peek. This animal is seen sitting by the fire. His darkness gone from his face and on his hands.

"Those 55 years on that cold dark moon changed me."

Chuckles and clenches his fist. He thinks of the time he wanted to return to his home and kill everyone. It took him 10 years to break that thought.

"Darkness is alright."

He smirks and clenches his fist again.

"We have become stronger and wiser."

He smiles and the darkness makes the mask again, pulling out his sword and grabs the flint, sliding it along the blade and sparks fly off the blade, landing on the already lit fire. After a while he sheaths his sword on his back and pulls out his daggers called the, Mortem Blades. After sharpening his daggers and putting them back into their sheaths, he stands up and looks outside again, the black dot is slowly getting larger.

"…Hmm pretty soon you will find me… Let’s just hope your not here to kill me."

Rubs chin and heads back inside, the moon’s glow now fully bright. He then turns back around and gets his binoculars out, something got his attention…..The dark spot was gone he sets his binocs down and thinks.

"Hmmmm… Where did you go? No footprints or anything."

He scans for another 5 minuets but forgets to look down below him.


He heads back to the fire and sits down. A short while later a black figure stands at the entrance of the cave. He is unaware of its presence.

(My part of the intro)
"The year of 1755. The year when the NLR started to weaken. The year when the Borealis was invaded by Celestia’s troops and damaged so greatly that it sunk with the crew and especially with the captain. The captain of the ship was Princess Luna who was once Nightmare Moon before the invasion of the Borealis happened. When it happened, her throat was slit and they hanged her from the bow to show how much she was hated and when the ship fully sunk into the water, her body was untangled and floated to another area of land where war would never occur at.

Two fishermen found her body washed up on shore and they knew who she was, they took her into some morgue. The staff found out she was pregnant and when they opened the stomach to get to the womb, that’s when they saw the last child of Les Enfants Terribles. That wasn’t the surprising part, the part that shook them the most is that the baby was still alive after all the abuse the mother had taken before dying. They checked the baby for any birth defects and found none, the conclusion that came with it was that Luna had prepared for a time that if she died while being pregnant, her magic and most of her life force would pass onto the unborn child to keep it alive for however long it can. The baby was given to a carefully selected couple who couldn’t produce a child and that the couple were now raising an alicorn.

The seasons passed, time flew, and the alicorn grew. She went from a baby, to a toddler, to a child, and to a teenager. Her life was happiness without end, she loved her adoptive parents much and was homeschooled by well selected mentors of magic, flight, and honor. The young alicorn was perfect in every way, though she knew that her adoptive parents were keeping something from her. Curiosity was never a thing for her, she never ventured for that part ever and she didn’t have her mark yet.

Not until her father became ill shortly after her mother died from cancer. She was a fully matured alicorn when she learned that her real mother was Princess Luna and that there was a war between her and Celestia, that she had brothers and how they were known as the "Terrible Children." After watching her adoptive father die in front of her and learning the truth about where she originally came from, she had earned her mark in a couple of seconds after the revelation and she did not know what and how to feel about this. Having her adoptive father and mother cremated, she put the ashes in ethereal jars she created from pure magic and stored them in the their own bedroom on the bed. After that, she left the house without ever returning back to it, pursuing to find another mentor. A mentor who could teach her how to fight…

More years passed and when the war was over, she waited ten years for things to settle at Canterlot and the small town near it. She made her way towards the designated land but noticed her magic going off, alerting her that someone important was near. Instinctively following the magic, she came to a conclusion that she will hunt for the truth about how the war came to be and whoever her magic was leading her to, she would get answers from them. My name is Nocturis Elegant and I am the sister of the "Terrible Children."

(Collaboration of Eclipse’s and my thoughts for this scene.)

As Eclipse looked at the fire, the shadow stares at him for a moment before turning into a pink mist that vaporized silently. The fire turned into a pink color and Eclipse quickly took notice of this, he gets up and looks around to find no one in his sights but he could now feel the presence of that person.

"Show yourself."

No answer but only the silence. He closes his eyes, taking a deep breath and exhaling out before opening his eyes to reveal the black mist coming out of them.

"Show yourself or I will find you and kill you."

The cold wind blew into the cave and the fire went out, he sighs and his horn glows, producing a small light as he loos around, waiting for an attack.

"You couldn’t kill me Eclipse. You can’t."

Eclipse tries to find the feminine voice location but because of the echoes, it was hard to spot where she could be at.

"What makes you say that?"

"I know who and what you are but you don’t know who I am."

He scoffs, walking around aimlessly.

"I know much of you. You were born in the year of 1700, you have brothers but they aren’t really mentioned but only you were."

"You can read a book about that in the library. Anyone can, it’s not like that there aren’t books about my mother and brothers and the rest of the family."

"We both know they didn’t write books about you, the brothers, or your mother that much because of the war. And if they did, it was either lost in the fires or sea. Those who have served Luna or Celestia in the past tell different tales but they are forgotten now, they are dead because mortals don’t have the curse like us immortals do."

"Immortals can die as well-"

"I know but difference is, we will never truly die because people will remember us the most out of their life span. We are gods and goddesses and our duty is to protect our rightfully claimed land and the people… If we so disobey our own orders of laws, we then shall be sought out by another immortal and killed, our throne taken and then reshaped for who has killed to protect the people in honor."

Eclipse tries to think who this female is, she talked like Luna in a way but also had a celestial accent. The hairs on his neck stood up for the first time in centuries.

"What is your name?"

"My name is not important right now. What is important now is that what am I and why am I here for you."

The fire spawns to life, a normal color again and out of the shadows in front of Eclipse was an alicorn who resembled the looks of Luna but with a different color. Eclipse looks at her, eyes widen in awe as he sees the alicorn goddess in front of him.

"Another alicorn? H-How?"

She looks him in the eyes, calm expression on her face and she begins to speak.

"I am the sister of you and your brothers, Prince Eclipse."

Eclipse did not know what to say but then responds aggressively.

"Lies! You are not an alicorn! And you are not my unborn sister! How dare you dishonor my mother, brothers, and me!"

He takes out his Mortem Blades, gripping them with much anger.

"I will kill you imposter and you will suffer before dying."

The darkness makes the mask, his wings extend and his horn glows.

"When this is all said and done, you will see that I have proven myself to be your sister, brother."

She prepares for battle and he charges at her with strongly, she charges at him quickly and as they make contact, the fire went out and a black explosion blasted the cave into pieces. Eclipse lands on the ground, rolling on the snowy ground until he stops and gets on his knees and hands, punching the ground once.


He gets up and sees the night replaced with stars that gleam, the moon having bits of pink in it. She was hovering in one place, using her magic instead of her wings.

"I will invite you to a duel brother, I have no hate for you, only questions to ask you. We can put this aside if you wish, it is your choice."

"You are not my sister. You are an imposter who thinks who can trick me easily. I bet your the one who sent us that threat note, huh?"

"A threat?"

She quickly began to block his attacks as he vanished and reappears multiple times. She was only using her hands, no magic to deflect the attacks. She was precise in her movements, locked onto his attacks, knowing where he would try to strike her at. The Mortem Blades swung their fastest but she was able to intercept them and have them stab into her brother’s armor.


"Your attacking with blind rage brother, it’s not good for your true skills. It will only derail them and skewer you into trouble."

She punches him in the armor chest plating, denting it in and he flew away from her in a blink of an eye as he lands with a thud again on the snowy surface.

"My dear brother, let’s end this for we can talk. I need to know the truth about things."

"You can’t handle the truth."

"That is your opinion."

Two hours pass and the two were in the sky, in front of the moon, they looked like shadows.

"I know this is hard on you brother and it is also hard on me but you must channel that dark energy of yours into stability and see. Open your eyes, we are the same in a way."

Her voice still calm as the night.

"You… Can’t be…"

"But I am. This is no trick, this is all true."

She goes to him and looks him in the eyes with respect.

"I need your help. Will you help me?"

Eclipse looks at her and there was a moment of silence…. He looks at her and his mouth opens, as if to give her an answer.

(Here is the character sheet)

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Name: Red Moon
Gender: Male
Age: Unknown, looks mid thirties
Height: 6’4"
Race: Unicorn
Appearance: Slim, but muscular, a light tan, ice blue eyes, multiple scars across his body, one about five inches long going under his right eye and over his lips, with short black hair. The Lunar Republic symbol is tattooed onto his left shoulder.
Clothing: Dark blue t-shirt, black cargo pants with a black leather belt, black combat boots, and a dark blue trenchcoat with a hood, normally the hood is up and obscures his face.
Role: (If this needs to be changed let me know.) Close combat specialist with high medical skills, but can do whatever role on the battlefield that is needed.
Weapons: A longsword with a crescent moon crossguard and a pale blue blade, an assault rifle (FN SCAR H) customized in a black and blue camo and ACOG Scope, a Super Shorty 12 Gauge with slugs, and a P226 Sig Sauer with an extended magazine. (All of the guns have the same paint scheme.) Multiple knives around his person as well.
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Dono & M.Storm
Thread Starter - Flowing Bliss - NSFW

(I wish I could but I’m finishing up on my Nightmare Moon drawing and then I’m heading to bed. Still a bit agitated from what happened two hours ago, that’s why I’m drawing, to release some stress in a positive way.)
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Dono & M.Storm
Thread Starter - Flowing Bliss - NSFW

Name: Nocturis Elegant
Gender: Female
Age: 269
Height: As tall as Luna.
Race: Alicorn
Appearance: A faded starry pinkish blue ethereal hair and tail, dark blue skin, deep blue irises, slim, wings are as long as a yardstick (feathers are arranged in an orderly manner and are pressed down a bit to help her fly and maneuver easily), horn is as tall as Luna’s and her mark is the Nightmare Moon cutie mark but is the color of a faded pink.
Clothing: Light dark armor chest plating with gold insignias on it.
Dark rock jeans that the fabric sewn into them is rather unnaturally flexible.
Shoes are black but on the bottom are a gold color
She wears a neckerchief like how her mother did before she died.
Role: Les Enfants Terribles/ Huntress
Weapons: Lunar magic, dark magic, poisons, sometimes her hands or legs and maybe even her wings and horn. She prefers to fight fairly with what she was given.

Name: Shesko Accurate
Gender: Male
Age: 28
Height: 6’1’
Race: Cyborg
Appearance & clothing: Wears a faded grey jacket, a checkered scarf, equipment wrapped around his waist, brown pant’s, a gun that is being carried around him, bullets wrapped around him, mechanically & a bit organically muscular, metallic arms head that is protected by exo skull with a center blue eyepiece, and a backpack full of repair stuff.
Role: Atlas Co. Soldier
Weapons: Assault rifle that can turn into a marksman rifle, metallic hands, and whatever he has in his equipment bags.

Name: Night Free
Gender: Female
Age: 18
Height: 5’8’
Race: Enchantress
Appearance: Black hair and tail with ritual objects in it, pupils are black, skin color is a light brown with white painting on her face as if she is in a tribe, slim, and her mark is a voodoo doll with the moon above it.
Clothing: A black tribal dress with many white patterns on it.
Role: Children of The Night Witch Doctor.
Weapons: Potions, a bit of magic when a potion is drank.

Name: Orbital Storm
Gender: Male (Can turn into a female if regenerated)
Age: 17,995
Height: 5’8’
Race: Jumper (Alien)
Appearance: Hair is black but spiked down, tail is grey (it can disappear), skin color is tannish brown, symbols on arms that glow an electric black, muscular build.
Clothing: Made to conceal the electricity that flows throughout his body, to control it without messing up important technology and systems. It is padded with smart technology that he salvaged from the war and made into a self efficient clothing material that can also have armor to it when activated.
Under the padded material of that clothing is an underclothing leather suit that doesn’t burn.
Role: NLR Officer
Weapons: Anything he can get his hands into the use of weapon, tail that spray out acid, telekinesis, fists, legs, and electricity.

Name: Stealth Mark
Gender: Female
Age: 32
Height: 5’7’
Race: Earth
Appearance: Black hair that goes down to her shoulders, black tail, skin color is caramel pigment, pupils are hazel, slimly fit, mark is that of an invisible sight that shows the outline of a target.
Clothing: She wears a mask and the torso part of the armor is black with silver designs in it.
Pant’s are grey with black patterns on it along with black shoes, attire is for stealth.
Role: NLR and Atlas spy
Weapons: Ballistic knives, tactical knives, blade wielding, pistol with silencer, natural stealth skills that make her agile and nimble.
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Thread Starter - Emergency: Equestria. (potentially NSFW)

Name: Jaspis
Gender: female
Age: 21 (cloned)
Height: 6’5’’
Race: Cyborg Unicorn/Zebra hybrid
Appearance: Tall and lean build, stripes accentuating her Body, her midsection is covered in metal from which four Doc Ock style tentacles emerge. her namesake are her red eyes.
Clothing: she wears a Slim Fitting suit resemblant of an officers uniform though without any rank decals
Role: Atlas Leadership
Weapons: immensely powerful Magic, as well as the four nearly indestructible tentacles

Name: Blazer II.
Gender: Male
Age: 22
Height: 7’
Race: Cyborg Pegasus
Appearance: Yellow coat and fiery orange mane, mechanic wings outfitted with auxíliary jumpjets, integrated blast plating. Blue eyes
Clothing: A lightweight blast suit and metallic facemask.
Role: Atlas enforcer.
Weapons: arm mounted blasters.

Name: Hard Knocks
Gender: Female
Age: 300
Height: 8’
Race: Sleipnir pony
Appearance: sporting four forelimbs rather than two, muscular Frame accentuating her slightly scarred face and Green eyes.
Clothing: Dressing in a somewhat norse Garb though wearing a thick leather armor over it to retain movement.
Role: expecting mother(if that´s alright with star.)
Weapons: light weaponry.

Name: Thunderhead
Gender: Male
Age: 22 (cloned)
Height: 7’5’’
Race: Pegasus Cyborg
Appearance: metallic wires woven through his wings allowing for electric Manipulation, conductors along his Body and in his chest a Generator.
Clothing: a Skintight flight suit
Role: Atlas Leadership
Weapons: his shock Generators, pistols.

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Thread Starter - Project NLR & SE Anime: Deluxe

Name: Prince General Lunar Eclipse
Age: 324 He appears to be a 24 year old but he is much older
Height:6’0 foot
Race:He is a Nightmare alicorn
Appearance: he has a deep black fur with dark purple strips.. He has spiked hair with the same colour and a scared eye. The eye is grey and colourless. With no pupil but he can still see fine out of it. He also has a dark mist floating around his hands that can come out of his eyes and wings.also it noted his cutie mark is an emblem of the NLR
Clothing: he wears battle armour with the NLR logo on a cloak. The cloak flips inside out to reavil this. It is dark purple and black just like him.
Role:He is the General and leader of the NLR and the eldest of lunas children
Weapons: Mortem Blades His sword is a Exotic one that is lengdary people tell stories about its power and might Elucidator Lastly he has semi-automatci assalt rifle that can act as a high powered sniper rifle. Dark Eclipse

Name Quaser Nova
Gender: Make
Age: 324 but appears to be 24
Height 6’3
Race Nightmare Alicorn
Appearance the same as eclipse But with blue instead of purple.and bright green eyes…..he is also dead
Clothing. Normal everyday clothes but can wear heavy battle armoy when needed
Role he was once the general of the NLR now he is a consultant who can normally help them
Weapons: He has P90 assult rifle and a FNFA FAIL Semistumatic assult rifle

Name Pod
Age first appears when eclipse was on the moon
Height as tall as he wants to be
Race a true nightmare
Appearance he kost ly is just a mass of darkness that looks like a body but can in battle look like "this":,h_429,w_600/t_mp_quality/otucylzu5tjq74m1oltn/batman-as-demon-15-hellish-visions-of-the-dark-knight-worst-nightmare-batman-ar-484125.jpg (but with like ten times more darkness around it
Clothing……has none
Role just a badass infantry support NLR
Weapons the ability to get since your head and make you go insane and kill yourself…. And what ever he can find.

Name: Nova
Age: 320
Gender Male
Height 6’8
Race Nightmare Alicorm
Appears the same as Quaser but with blue eyes
Clothing mostly robes and dark clothing
Rolw he is a freelancer bounty hunter
Weapons He licks to mock eclipse so he uses the same but differently couloured items
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