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Suggestion and bullshitting thread(NSFW,hangout, rp suggestions, sheet posting, venting
Posted by Jinx
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Looking for ERP partners thread [NSFW]
Posted by ArmadilloEater
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The "Looking for RP Partners" thread [SFW]
Posted by JoeyH3
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Roleplaying Rules
Posted by Carcer
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CIU: Crime Investigation Unit (Anthro, NSFW)
Posted by Dave33333
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The Y-Files (Anthro, NSFW, Grimdark, Reboot)
Posted by Dave33333
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The evil council continuation (Possible NSFW)
Posted by boz
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Equestria Divided: Episode 2, Crimson Dawn.
Posted by Cerebrate19
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Trio RP + Guests RP
Posted by Dono & M.Storm
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Welcome to Murder Island (Anthro, NSFW, Spoopy)
Posted by TheSadScubaDiver
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Fertility Girls 1.5 [NSFW]
Posted by PacificSide18
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Looking for An Equestria Girls Set up for RP 1 on 1 2/3
Posted by Sherem
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Ogres & Obulettes(Pony, RPG)
Posted by T
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Again Looking For an Equestria Girls Role-Play/OC involved
Posted by Sherem
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Inflation RP (NSFW, nudity, Anthro)
Posted by Queen_Chrysalis
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Dragoncry: The beginning (extreme NSFW)
Posted by Jinx
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After The Fall (Pony, NSFW)
Posted by T
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The Post-Apocalyptic World (NSFW, Anthro, Grimdark)
Posted by Dave33333
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Tech's Tickle Cellar (WARNING: NSFW TICKLING)
Posted by techdragon
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Party Pooper [NSFW] (Diaper, Scat, Diarrhea)
Posted by Background Pony #0211
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Fluttershy's Crush [possible NSFW]
Posted by Background Pony #E046
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We Are Our Avatars
Posted by Psyga315
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Journal's of War (NSFW ANTHRO)
Posted by MLPPrinceEclipse
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RP is making me uncomfortable, what can I do without seeming rude?
Posted by Background Pony #FEA9
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Ponyville: Another Generic Sice of Life (Slice of Life, Anthro, NSFW)
Posted by Dave33333
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