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Terminal Red

I go into every Daedra Quest with intent of screwing over said Daedra, If I can.
I pretended to join the Cannibal club just so I could get them all in one place and murder the shit out of them.
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Terminal Red

I dunno, honourable warriors would fight their enemies using their steel, courage and skill.

The companions would rather get hopped up on werewolf juice and brutally murder their enemies. They willingly become monsters to win fights, isn't that like a boxer taking steroids?
Terminal Red

Ain't hammerfell the Redguard homeland?
I'm totally gonna role play as fantasy sinbad the sailor. Rock a scimitsr and a rougish beard and swashbuckle my way to fame and fortune.

Basically gonna be this guy
Terminal Red

The character i played, already embittered by the war Assumes the worst and loses his shit, going full Dracula to escape the guilt and spite the gods.
Terminal Red

The goal of Skyrim independence is a worthy one but ulfric is driven by guilt and hatred of the Thalmor and inadvertently plays into their hands by starting the war. His level of complicity prior to the game is up for interpretation.
Terminal Red

In a journal during that mission where you have to infiltrate a Thalmor party.

He was captured and forced to give information that allowed the Thalmor to sack the imperial city. Or so he thought. Than they let him go and kept tabs on him because they knew he would likely start shit they could use to their benefit.
Terminal Red

I played a proud Nord idealist and patriot who joined the stormcloaks for Skyrim independence who becomes embittered after the civil war and requests to be left out of the history books.

Than, during the Alduin questline, discovers that ulfric was responsible for the fall of the imperial city and may have been a Thalmor agent all along, gives into despair and becomes a vampire lord.

Very Dracula.
Terminal Red

The Thalmor are Nazi analogues working on world domination and high elf supremacy. They're gonna need a big policy change between games if they're gonna be a joinable faction.

Its more likely you're gonna be another outsider caught between factions working against Thalmor agression.
Terminal Red

The Thalmor are clearly gonna be arc villains. They wouldn't be set up in Skyrim only to be ignored in the next game. 6 will be as close to Skyrim as oblivion was to Morrowind.
Terminal Red

You know what I hate? Having unfinished quests in my menu that I can't complete because I don't wanna role play a bad guy.

Oh, the God of rape torture and slavery wants me to be his champion and torture a dude to death. The only way to complete the quest is to do what molag bal says, no way to subvert it or refuse the quest. The completeionist in me is shrieking at me to complete the quest but to do so would be to break character and ruin my immersion.
Terminal Red

I never said oblivion looks better than Skyrim. There's a 6 year gap between games. We've been talking talking skills and features and how they've been slowly eroded to streamline the games. The games have been getting bigger but becoming more shallow.

Anyway, Skyrim models are hardly works of art. Every Nord looks like they break rocks with their face for a living.
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