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Oh, and you can put me down for #3. Although I'd suggest instead of a "hide" button, make it a "Spoiler" button. And if enough people downvote, maybe make the Spoiler tag apply for everyone to let folks know there's a real stinker here?
Background Pony Number 17

I don't think the downvote system was being abused as much as the mods claim. If people were mass-downvoting all of an artist's work or all of a given theme, that's still valid criticism. For example, there are pics of some OCs that I routinely downvote simply because I think they're offensive. Just telling me to hide them is no answer; I want people to KNOW that some folks find these characters offensive.

Hiding should be a last resort on a booru. The whole point of the booru is to bring people together to share images and opinions on them. If everyone just hides what they disagree with, then there's no longer a community, just individuals browsing for what they personally like.
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Removing the downvote option takes away from what Derpibooru is intended to be: a place to share MLP-themed images and to comment on them. Downvoting is a legitimate form of commentary, and just telling people to hide what they disapprove of is no substitute. If someone posts crap, the fact that they're posting crap should be held up for all to see.
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Calling it here — Sunburst is a changeling.

Think about it:
- He's a new character in the show who's suddenly been pushed to the forefront. Almost nothing is known about his backstory except for Starlight Glimmer's childhood recollections.
- He lives in the Crystal Empire, but he's not a Crystal Pony.
- He has no apparent job. A "famous wizard" would certainly have some kind of employment.
- He has an encyclopedic knowledge of magical theory, but claims little practical skill. The ideal cover for a changeling trying to pass for a unicorn.
- He managed to work his way into Shining Armor and Cadance's family, in a position that places himself VERY close to Princess Flurry Heart. The exact thing one of Queen Chrysalis's scouts would try to do.

Now, the Sunburst we met in the season opener may be the real one, but the next time we see him, "he" won't be "him." And Princess Flurry Heart will be in peril.
Background Pony Number 17

A question on whether we should be making a distinction here or not:

Apparently according to the "Under the Sparkling Sea" book, there are two types of aquatic ponies—Seaponies and Mermares. Also, I've seen artists draw aquatic ponies in two styles. The first are like the Generation 1 Sea Ponies, with seahorse-like bodies. The second are like regular ponies with fish-tails. Should we be calling out the first type using the "Seapony" tag, and the second type using the "Mermare" tag?
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