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Red Yellow Moon

Yeah, people think that this comic was meant to establish Chrysalis as free to let her appear in future FiM seasons. But that only served for Cook and Price to write more epic adventures about her until they kill her off. DHX haven't planned anything for her except appearance in Equestria Girls 3 movie as a Principal of the opposing highschool.

You have a source, or is that another rumor?
Red Yellow Moon

I hope Babs isn't going to be written out just because of her getting her cutie mark like Twist was.

I'm wondering if they're going to even acknowledge the change in their voices, though, and not pretend that nothing's happening to their voices. And then there's the possibility of their voice actors getting replaced…
Red Yellow Moon

I have a question about the Nightmare Moon preview, since I'm a little confused about some parts.

Does it explain why Nightmare Moon doesn't try to fly off of the moon? I mean, it doesn't look like she's unconscious, physically sealed, or anything like that. I know she's banished, but it doesn't look like anything's preventing her from flying back to Equestria.

If the full Nightmare Moon and Chrysalis comics end up controversial or dull, then it's quite ironic, isn't it?
Red Yellow Moon

You do have a point. Due to the way the sirens are portrayed in this comic, it makes Star Swirl look like a jerk. I know the show itself said that "he did not understand friendship", but this is ridiculous.
Red Yellow Moon

I've been looking at the reactions over the Sirens' comic in another site, and some of the people there are saying that the sirens didn't come off as villainous enough in the comic.

Does anyone agree or disagree with that?
Red Yellow Moon

I agree with you. Why did Anderson try to solve a small (assumed) plot-hole by creating an even bigger one? I can't read it without shaking my head over that detail. It just brings up more questions than answers. There are other problems with the comic, but that one sticks out the most to me.

Things like this is why I wouldn't mind if the comics turned out to be completely non-canon to the show. There are some gems here and there, but stinkers like this and the Cattle Rustlers arc aren't worth accepting the whole thing as canon.
Red Yellow Moon

This issue could've been worse. It wasn't too bad, to be honest.

The only issue I'm worried about, though, is Chrysalis's, especially considering that writer's past record lately.
Red Yellow Moon

mane six plus one and humane seven

Both of these tags are for images that show the mane six and Sunset Shimmer together. I know that humane seven is the more common tag, but I feel it's a bit of a misnomer because it implies that all seven girls are equestria girls-ified or humanized, when there are images such as this and this (#ECDC in the comments is me) that have all of them as ponies. On the other hand, I'm not sure if "mane six plus one" is the best name either…

Then there's mane eight. It's a combinations of images with the Mane Six, Spike and Sunset; and images with the Mane Six, Spike, and Discord. There's even images such as this (Mane Six, Sunset, and Trixie) and this (Mane Six, Spike, and Celestia) that have that tag. The tag's a bit of a mess, to be honest, and I'm not sure what it's original purpose was.
Red Yellow Moon

I still wonder where you heard the rumor(?) from. I want to know whether the source is credible or not. I'd be highly skeptical if the source came from 4chan or something. The fact that they didn't try to get a replacement is already making me suspicious.
Red Yellow Moon

So recently I just thought of something.

Depending on the quality of the Fiendship is Magic comics and how Season 5 handles Discord*, what are the chances of a backlash against Discord's popularity? I wouldn't be surprised to see certain fans, particular fans of the other villains, to start thinking that Discord's getting special treatment over the others.

* I know that Curnow gave an explanation on why Discord isn't getting an issue, but I think that, based on this part ["…but I don’t recall exactly why we didn’t include him…"], there's a chance that he's lying in order to avoid spoilering a part of Season 5.
Red Yellow Moon

That's assuming that:

A. Funko will make EG figures.

B. Hasbro will allow Funko to make accurate figures. Didn't you state a theory that someone prefers the doll faces over the movie faces?

Also, now that I think about it, those doll faces don't really resemble human faces at all. Those eyes, man…
Red Yellow Moon

So, in translation, the people who decided the look of the dolls' faces made a dumb move?

Seriously, they're really underestimating the amount of people that would buy the dolls if the dolls are accurate to the movies. At the very least, they could make another doll-line where the toys are more accurate to their movie counterparts.
Red Yellow Moon

Yes, because being FtM is always a walk in the park. It's not like they share several similar experiences as MtFs, or that they aren't accepted as men by certain kinds of people.

Also, I love how the user assumes that only white people can ever be FtM. I'm pretty sure that black, asian, and other non-white FtMs exist.
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