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Sky funeral
I dabbled in this when a friend of mine linked me to it. It was an amusing time-waster to break-up the monotony of working on an especially large drawing.

General Discussion » Candies, an ascii browser game » Topic Opener

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I linked this in the IRC channel but I thought I’d share it here too since it’s a cute little game.
It’s a free browser game that mostly plays itself, but unlike Progress Quest you can interact with it to advance your candy box and go on quests to earn more candy (which is one of your currencies) and items, which will unlock new things to play with.
When you begin, you’ll only see a candy counter. This goes up 1 per second. Let it sit for a few minutes though and you’ll see more options, such as buying a lollipop (another form of currency), and eventually, the ability to buy a sword. Once you buy the wooden sword, at the top of the screen you’ll see a Quest button, and it’s there where you can do quests to earn more candies and other things. The quests happen automatically and are slightly random.
You can increase the damage you deal by buying (and later crafting) better swords and you can increase your Max HP by eating your candies. You can unlock new areas and things to do by completing each quest in line; they become exponentially more difficult with each new area you unlock.
The only other tip I’ll give you is to plant lollipops in your farm as soon as you can, and focus on it until you hit the maximum lollipop generation amount (you’ll know it when you get there).
This is a browser based game, so as long as you leave your browser open and leave the tab open, you will continue to generate candies and lollipops. If you want to close your browser, you can click the Save button at the top left of the Candy Box screen. This will save your game and give you a link you can use to add to your favorites/bookmarks, so that you can continue the game later.
Have fun!

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