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For a sample script, how would this look for a defeat on a vessel:
Mean Twilight’s Demise:
The ground around Twilight, Hero, and Friends trembled violently as this epic battle raged on; the struggle for supremacy cast a veil of uncertainty over the outcome. Mean Twilight charged her beam, met with a defiant response from Twilight. “Your end is near, insignificant creatures,” Mean Twilight taunted, deftly evading Twilight’s counterattack, leaving both mares locked in a tense standoff.
Twilight’s beam rebounded from one of the chiseled walls of the stone arena, hitting Mean Twilight squarely on her chest. Her body was thrown to the ground roughly, and she felt a hole through her chest. A pillar of dark, ethereal aura rose from her body, and she felt death approaching. “Is this… the end? Am I… dying?”
“Mean. I know you were only doing what Orias wanted. But you know he was only using you, right?” Parts of Mean’s body began to dry up and crumble like sand as her body began to collapse; she groaned from the pain as she tried to stand up to fight but just fell back pathetically and accepted her end.
“I knew I was just a pawn the moment I was slated for this war—I was aware of how expendable I was to him.” Mean sighed, melancholy laced in her tone; she tried to cover up the hole in her chest using her forehooves, but then those felt numb as they, too, crumbled. “The better me has won—all I was was a fabrication—everything about me from whence Chrysalis created me was false.”
“Mean… I’m sorry about what happened to you. I’m sorry that you couldn’t be your own person.” Twilight tries to console her fallen foe as she leans down to listen to Mean’s final words.
“I tried to run from that ignoble truth—that I’m a fraud. I held such contempt for those who would call me fake. I was brought into this world to be your foil. Funny, that was true in multiple ways.”
“But why did you choose to fight us if you knew that Orias had betrayed you?” Twilight saw more than half of Mean’s body crumbling away as she breathed lightly.
“I wanted to prove to myself that I could be worth something, that I could be the real Twilight, even if that were a farce.” Mean then closes her eyes after wishing the genuine Twilight goodwill.
“I never believed you were as bad as Orias; I knew you had some good in you somewhere. Goodness is a genuine thing, Mean.”
“The real one wins—as it should be. There is only room for one Twilight Sparkle—” She paused as she continued, “—You have to stop him; you have to stop Orias from ascending to godhood. If he succeeds, everything will change in Equestria.”
After that last utterance of words, there was silence as her body faded entirely into dust as that dust flew in the breeze. “Goodbye. Mean Twilight.”

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