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Pipp is very cute and has a lot of endearing characteristics, like flapping her wings up and down whenever she is happy and having a close bond with her mother. She has some stand-out moments in the movie, but it seems they’re overshadowed by the actions of other characters. I have faith that people will learn to appreciate her more as the generation goes on though!

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Pity the haters. All ponies are special and all have the potential for greatness. What some don’t realize is that ponies should be appreciated for their weak points just as much as their strengths. If they were all perfect, we would get bored with them real quick. It’s okay to like some characters more than others, but we shouldn’t just write off the rest, because all of them will have their moments to shine… eventually.
One thing I like about Pipp is she has the ability to make others feel good about themselves, through either her dazzling performances or by words of encouragement. Although I can’t really say I know much more about her, she is rather cute and I’m sure I will warm up to her much more in time.

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I’ve reported the mods that this thread needs to be moved for better attention.
Jaredking, please handle the truth here, it is for your sake, quit being stubborn.
Pipp will get more love no matter what, put this in the right Mega-forum and things would be better.

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Following the ongoing topic about Pipp Petals being not liked with others because she didn’t had enough screen time, I thought I make a thread so we can all explain more about why she several people are disliking and that we must help her get more love.
First, some people have been saying that she is the worst Mane Five member, which I’m not happy with, as I think she is the best, much like the rest in the group.
Second, some have also insulted at random times, like calling her fat, shorty, along with similar, related traits that goes with it.
Third, as I just mentioned above in the first paragraph, she gets the least screen time, which left multiple fans outraged and upset at this despite others not minding this as didn’t matter to them.
Finally, the last thing that should be mentioned is that people who are not liking her means that they are hiding her tag on this site, having her on their “Worst Pony(s)” List for no apparent reason.
For those who are on my side, we must help get Pipp Petals more love, and I like her as much as everyone else. The more you trust me and the others, we will help Pipp Petals feel more loved against the ones who are not liking her. We must change that. Please, respect my opinions and everyone else’s as this thread is really important.
Also, please comment and help explain to me and the others why people not liking Pipp Petals is not fair because I wanna change and get everyone on the same page.
Note: I will not be present on this thread on Mondays or Saturdays.

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