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Boy Next Door
Hey, uhh, I haven't ever used the forums on Derpi, so feel free to yell at me if what I'm doing is bad, but if it's okay, then here we go.
So, on my YouTube channel, which I recently started using again, I'm making a different kind of fetish content as to what I post on this site. That fetish being "Ryona", and if you haven't heard of it, it's best descriped as a variant/spin-off of BDSM (kinda like Vore), in that they both are basically about getting off to pain and being dominated. Except Ryona is, well, more violent (as in, it's not just being whipped for 5 minutes, but being whipped until you die/fall unconscious), and thus is limited to media, mainly video games. I hope you see where I'm going with this.
So to make things short and sweet; I make Ryona. In Fallout 4. Involving anthro ponies (mainly females, but I was thinking about doing some male ones in the future). The last point is the reason I'm even posting this here, just in case you were like "what does this have to do with MLP?". So, since you guys seem to like my SFM work, I'd appreciate if some of you'd check out my videos (there's 3 of them currently), and give me some pointers of where I can improve, or what to change. Or, y'know, just a simple "I liked/didn't like" is also helpful as well.
Again, if I shouldn't have made a topic for this, then sorry, but I hope it all works out :).
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