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Luna Best Pony~
I was playing a multiplayer game in like 2011 and someone put a pony spray on the wall. I asked them what it was, they said "Rainbow Dash". So for a good week I thought the show's name was "Rainbow Dash" until tags on an imageboard I frequented told me otherwise. I was mostly in it for the fanmade art and stuff, and only ended up starting watching the show in 2013, mid-S03.
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Verified Pegasus - Show us your gorgeous wings!
Preenhub - We all know what you were up to this evening~
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There's this cartoon site I really like because it lets you watch a ton of stuff for free and one of the things on there are mlp. I watched the first episode as a joke and then actually liked it, you can probably imagine what happened next.
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I did not, and never will. I want to leave my little mark on society.
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This is a topic discussing how you got exposed to Friendship Is Magic & the brony community. When Friendship Is Magic first aired back in 2010, I was not aware of such a community said show created because I was still in the mindset of ponies being only for little girls. As a result, I called somebody a fag for liking ponies. It wasn't until a year later that I got invested in Friendship Is Magic along with the brony fandom.
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