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From where I stand, there isn't a single image of "flashing boobs" that shouldn't also include "exposed breasts"

Well yes, because the former is a subset of the latter. That's what tag implications are for.

Aliasing is for when two terms are synonymous (i.e., if there were also no "exposed breasts" images that shouldn't also include "flashing boobs").
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Very well. I never cared for the tag, but I do understand that it has its use.

Is there any support for my suggestion of changing the tag's name to "Flashing Breasts" for consistency with the other breast related tags?
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Hmm, for now I'm going to set up implications, it seems a bit weird to alias such a specific tag into the broader thing.
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From where I stand, there isn't a single image of "flashing boobs" that shouldn't also include "exposed breasts" and if you needed to narrow it down to actual flashing, it'd be a simple matter of adding flashing to a search for exposed breasts. It's also not a very used tag for a type of image that's been here pretty much since the beginning. It wouldn't hurt to keep it, but we also don't seem to be in any burning need of it either, in which case, if just for personal preference, I'd rather see it aliased.

As for your second point, I was going to save this until after someone from staff commented, but if it's determined that the tag is useful and should be kept, then I had some tags that it should probably imply to bring up. I was also going to suggest we change its name to "flashing breasts" to keep it in-line with the other "breast" tags.
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Disagree, flashing is an intentional action, exposure is just a state of existence.

Flashing could imply exposure, though, IMO.

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