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Garden Tinker
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You're quite welcome. Regrettably, however, I must mention the takedown of CMC; the Mega and PH links for that episode do not work. However, I can 100% confirm that at least one copy of it still exists.
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I searched around a bit and couldn't find any released episodes of the Pony Plot Perfection Project. The only thing I was able to find about the project was this official blog and the official forums for it. I have a feeling you already knew about those though considering you commented on it. If you want to try and find any episodes in the sources, good luck. I searched through them a little and couldn't find anything saying there was an episode released.
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Smut Machine
I'm looking for the PPPProject (I believe it had about than many Ps in it, but I could be wrong) edited episodes — in case you are wondering it was an episode editing project where they edited in genitalia for all ponies in a couple of eps, one of them being The Cutie Mark Chronicles.
I think I found them no problem about a year or so ago on DailyMotion, but they seem to have been scrubbed off of the face of the Internet.

Asking for a friend.


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