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Hello there!
The image was merged following duplication merging policy. The second image uploaded after yours was of higher quality (JPG 118kb vs PNG 304kb). When merging the better quality image is chosen, if quality is the same then the first to upload is chosen.
I hope that helps clarifying things.
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EAW Panzerfuchs
One question. I uploaded this image four hours ago. Now it was combined with an upload of Background Pony #31B3. When I uploaded the image, I made sure that it hadn’t been uploaded before, nor if the artist is on the do-not-post list. I’m pretty sure I didn’t make a mistake.
I have now lost the upload. Is that right? If so, may I please see the time index when Background Pony #31B3 and I uploaded the image? Otherwise, I honestly find it rather unfair. Unless, of course, there is a regulation in this regard on this site, which I am not aware of. Then I would like to ask for clarification so that such a mistake does not happen to me in the future. :-)
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