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Nostalgia Purist

The evening came, and The Mane Six went to the Royal Wedding with Shining Armor and Princess Cadence in the Ponyville church. There was the biggest crowd ever at a wedding in Canterlot, as they came from Trottingham and on. Someponies was from Manehattan, and others from Appleloosa. Then the ponies went to the middle of Ponyville that summernight, as Shining Armor and Princess Cadence said yes.

"Now that's a Royal party." Pinkie Pie shouted, as she saw the crowd and the decoration.

"Good evening your majesty." Twilight said to Shining Armor who introduced her friends.

The town was decorated with flowers, big balloons in many colors, streamers and confetti. Also flags, banners and more. In the meanwhile, was someponies dancing while Octavia and her orchestra they played on stage. The Mane Six danced along to the music. Applejack got a good friend in Fleur-de-lis.

"Hey Applejack, I heard about you from Rainbow Dash, and you two had been friends since you both were fillies." Fleur-de-lis said to Applejack.

"Hello, so you're a friend of Rarity." Applejack said to Fleur-de-lis.

The orange earth pony followed with the mare over to a bridge to enjoy the view over the distant mountains while the moon was shining over Ponyville. The music it played in the distance, as the party went on late that night, as Applejack and Fleur-de-lis with their hooves grabbed a big squeaking balloon they got at the party. After the two horny ponies had grabbed the creaking balloon for over two hours and then was Applejack then feeling warm and hard under her legs by sucking horny Fleur's horn in nearly two hours. Fleur felt relaxed, as Applejack kept on sucking her hot hard horn for a long time until the pony reached her climax. Later on was both the mare and Applejack going back to the party that summernight, as records played in the background. There was cakes, appes and soda. There was games too, as Applejack and her friends took part. Later were there speeches again, as Spike he was the first.

"Citizens of Ponyville welcome to the Royal Wedding, and I see we have guests from far away like both Appleloosa and Manehattan." the baby dragon said to the ponies.

"I would like to thanks my friends The Mane Six and Princess Celestia to make this party possible." Spike said.

Then the ponies cheered, as the two princesses held their speech next. Applejack's mother came by, and she was one of the nurses of Ponyville.

"Hey mother it's nice to see you." the farmer mare said to her mother.

"Also nice to see you again, and I haven't seen you for weeks as I moved my job to Manehattan." Applejack's mother said.

The Wonderbolts and Rainbow Dash they made an airshow for the wedding night, as they got a standing applause. So as the morning came later on, was the party also ending. The streets they was empty, as there was a lot of cleaning up after the wedding.

Early the next morning was Princess Celestia showing both Applejack and Fluttershy around the Canterlot garden, and there were many sculptures.

“These sculptures are over 100 years old, and these ponies had been the heroes of the Crystal Empire long before The Mane Six.” Princess Celestia said to Applejack.

“I haven’t heard about the Crystal Empire.” Applejack told Princess Celestia.

“Take a look with me in my library, and there you find books about that empire.” the princess told the two ponies.

“I thought that the Crystal Empire was just a fairytale.” Fluttershy said to the princess.

Applejack and Fluttershy both went to the library as told by the princess. There were rows of books about the Crystal Empire city, the music, the animals and more. Princess Celestia found a book about the Crystal Mountains history, and she told the two ponies in long time about the Crystal Ponies history. The Crystal Mountains was a home for both Diamond Dogs, and Earth Ponies who worked in a quarry by the railroad. Later on that evening did The Mane Six take the train that drove back to Ponyville. A week had passed, and Princess Cadence and Shining Armor went back to the Canterlot castle. Twilight Sparkle got a letter from Princess Celestia later in the autumn.

“Dear Twilight Sparkle, I want you and your friends to meet up at the train to the Crystal Empire.” Twilight Sparkle was reading.

'You have to save both the Crystal Ponies and Princess Cadence.' Twilight read.

“That will be the first time we will ever visit the Crystal Empire.” Spike said.

“The Crystal Ponies and Princess Cadence needs the help from The Mane Six.” Twilight read.

“I have to gather my friends, and prepare for our coming journey to the Crystal Empire this coming morning in Canterlot.” the unicorn pony said to Spike.

The unicorn pony gathered her friends to a sleepover that evening in her house. Pinkie Pie had decorated the library with banners, confetti and more. There were drinks, apples, cakes and soda.

“We have a Crystal Empire to save, but we will also help to build the Crystal Empire fair.” Twilight told her friends.

“Princess Cadence’s magic is weakened and she needs us too.” Spike said.

“We must help her.” were Applejack saying.

“But you can all look forward to the Crystal Empire fair.” Twilight told her friends.

The evening started with a pillow fight, and then it was story time.

“So now it’s story time.’ Twilight told her friends after the pillow fight.

”For 300 years ago in Canterlot a mare lived with her husband who left for a war, and the husband did not return.” Twilight said to the ponies.

“Well, the husband is nowhere to be found while the mare is told to rise up from her coffin, and haunt the mountain rivers every night.” Twilight told her friends.

“And that’s how the story of the haunted Canterlot ends and at least it’s only very old pony stories.” Twilight told her friends after her story.

After that did Twilight going to read fairytales about animals from Whitetails wood instead that late night. The next morning was the six ponies getting on the train to the Crystal Mountains.

"All aboard the train to the Crystal Mountains." did the ticket seller pony say to the passengers.

The Mane Six went on the train to the Crystal Mountains. On the road to the mountains were the train stopping in both Tall Tales and Vanhoover. At last did the train arrive in the Crystal Mountains city. Twilight had taken a book with her about the Crystal Ponies. While The Mane Six went up in the Crystal Mountains city tower, was the Cutie Mark Crusaders gathering in the club house that was for Rainbow Dash.

'Hey everypony.' Apple Bloom said to her two friends.

'I decided to put an end on our waiting for our cutie mark before the upcoming cute cenera.' Apple Bloom told the fillies.

'But last we tried we did not get one under Gabby Gums.' Sweetie Belle said to Apple Bloom.

'And I still can't fly yet.' Scootaloo told Apple Bloom.

'So let's give it our last try before the cute cenera next weekend.' Apple Bloom said to her friends.

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