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Background Pony #B850
I have one.

I would like it to be Ponyville, but overgrown with plants and trees, and having some of the buildings be partially destroyed.

Alert me if you need any more information
Background Pony #9D35
Can you draw The Equestria Girls version of Twilight Sparkle (From the pony universe) With inflated pants plz?
Background Pony #D97B
I like a picture of rarity wearing her inflated cornucopia costume and it causing her to float in the air
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Artist -

Likes good dialogue.
Oh, idea:

Fluttershy is trying to scare a chicken with The Stare, but the chicken is barely holding in laughter, because Fluttershy (unaware) has some silly doodles drawn on her face (a monocle, or a mustache, or something even more silly).

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